Are Lisa & Brian Still Together From The Ultimatum? The Baby Update You’ve Been Waiting For

Warning: The Ultimatum Season 2 spoilers ahead. With their shocking exit and even more shocking pregnancy news in Episode 3, it makes sense why fans want to know if Lisa and Brian are still together from The Ultimatum Season 2, where they are now and if they’ve had their baby.

Jelisa “Lisa” Horne and Brian Okoye were one of five original couples on The Ultimatum Season 2. The Ultimatum—also known as The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On—is Netflix’s reality TV dating series following a group of couples on the verge of marriage. One member of the couple—the Ultimatum Giver—is ready to get engaged and married, while the other member—the Ultimatum Receiver—isn’t as sure.

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During The Ultimatum, the couples break up and recouple with new partners from the same group. They then move into an apartment with their new partner and date them in a trial marriage for three weeks. After the trial marriage is over, the cast members reunite with their original partners and move in with them for another three weeks. At the end of the series, the couples must decide if they want to get engaged and married or break up forever.

The series—which was created by Chris Cohen, the same creator behind Love Is Blind, The Perfect Match and Married at First Sight—is hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, who gave an ultimatum to her own husband before they got engaged. “This reminds me of when we were dating, I swore I wouldn’t be a girl who gave an ultimatum and I did,” Vanessa said in the premiere of The Ultimatum Season 1. Nick added, “And let’s be honest, I had my own, what I thought were very valid reasons for not being ready to move forward.”

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Since its premiere, The Ultimatum has led to one spin-off on Netflix, The Ultimatum: Queer Love, as well as an international version in France. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in 2021, Coelen opened up about about how the couples he chose on The Ultimatum. “You want to put groups of people together who have something in common and who would have a genuine interest in one another,” he said. “This was a particular group of people who were all interested in the topic; there’s not a single person there who said, ‘I’m not interested in getting married.’ And then you have to think about, as a group of people, you want them to be able to support one another and to explore the idea of potentially being with one another.”

But back to Lisa and Brian. So… are Lisa and Brian still together from The Ultimatum Season 2 and where are they now? Read on for what we know about if Lisa and Brian are still together after The Ultimatum Season 2 and what happened with their pregnancy.

Are Lisa and Brian Still Together From The Ultimatum Season 2?

Relationship status: Still together

Are Lisa and Brian still together from The Ultimatum Season 2? Jelisa “Lisa” Horne and Brian Okoye were one of two five original couples on Season 2 of The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On. Lisa, a 32-year-old vice president of clinical services, was the Ultimatum Giver, while Brian, a 29-year-old financial analyst was the Ultimatum Receiver.

Lisa and Brian were the only original couple on The Ultimatum Season 2 to not recouple with a new partner at The Choice. Lisa and Brian left The Ultimatum Season 2 in Episode 3 after Lisa learned she was pregnant and they decided to exit the experiment together, though Brian did not propose to Lisa and they did not get engaged. “I had expectations coming into this experience that is ultimately going to end with Brian getting down on one knee. You don’t just get married or get engaged just because you’re pregnant, but I would hope it makes him realize a little bit more that ‘you’re the woman I want to build a life with,’ so why am I also not the woman you want to put a ring on her finger,’” Lisa said in a confessional interview.

So are Lisa and Brian still together from The Ultimatum Season 2? The answer is yes. Lisa and Brian confirmed they were still together in an interview with People after The Ultimatum Season 2 premiered, in which they talked about how the experience strengthened their relationship. “It definitely brought us a lot more self-awareness in regards to [us] emotionally,” Lisa said. “It’s easy for him to notice when I’m triggered about something or when I’m upset about something. He takes those things very, very seriously now. And as well as me, I’ve noticed how I communicate with him a lot more easily now, and I’m a lot more observant to him and being communicable about what he wants and things of that nature.”

Brian, for his part, told People that The Ultimatum ended up helping his and Lisa’s relationship because it “put a lot on the front street” in terms of their issues. “We were super vulnerable, and obviously for the world to see and for us to see as well. It definitely opened our minds up more about what we were experiencing,” he said. “And it made us more willing to actually work on those things.”

He continued, “And as parents, I think it gives us a little bit more of the softness that we need. Even though a lot of people don’t see that, but we have a really great friendship and just relationship as a whole.”

Lisa and Brian also looked back on their massive fight over Brian flirting with other cast members before they left The Ultimatum Season 2. “I am not going to lie, I was distraught,” she said. “We’re in this experiment. In my mind, I’m like, ‘He’s out here dating other women and I’m pregnant.’ I didn’t know what to feel or how to think in that moment, but my reassurance came after talking to him.”

Brian also told People about what it was like to re-watch his and Lisa’s fight. “Honestly, to watch it again, it’s like you get a little nervous because you don’t remember exactly how it played out, but at the same time, you just wish things went differently,” he said. “For me, I think the biggest thing was we were able to grow through it. I know people in relationships go through things all the time, but it’s all about how you withstand the obstacles that you’re faced with.”

Despite the drama during their short time on The Ultimatum Season 2, Lisa told People that she had “no regrets” about how her and Brian’s experience on the series.”I don’t have any regrets in regards to how it worked out, especially with the pregnancy because that has been an amazing journey in itself,” Lisa said. “Of course, I have regrets of how certain things unfolded … just my reaction in regards to the cocktail party and how that unfolded. Obviously that is the only regret I have.”

She continued, “But in regards to our time on the show and how I had to leave the show, no regrets on that because it really gave me time to have a healthy pregnancy, which is what I needed.”

Brian added, “I wouldn’t say I have any regrets of leaving. I think the decision that I made, and we made, together was the best decision for us, but I do wish that we were able to stay because I think that we could have learned a lot more about ourselves within that time, as well as what we were aiming for in terms of our relationship.”

Lisa and Brian also confirmed they were still together in an interview with Bustle after the premiere of The Ultimatum Season 2, in which they looked back at their pregnancy. “Finding out the news that she was pregnant, we had to make a decision quick as to whether or not we wanted to proceed,” Brian said. “I went into father mode instantly to say, ‘Hey, it just doesn’t make sense for us to continue the experience.’ We wanted to get as much out of it as possible — and it was unfortunate that we couldn’t finish it out — but I don’t regret it at all.”

Lisa added, “Once Brian found out, he was like, ‘Nothing else matters. I want to make sure your mental health is good, I want to make sure you’re good, I want to make sure our baby is good, let’s go. I want to go to the doctor like tomorrow to make sure everything is alright.’ And I agreed with him. So, that was his decision. He went into immediate protective mode.”

Lisa, who told Bustle that she doesn’t usually “clear up rumors,” also reacted to cast mate Alex Chapman claiming that she knew she was pregnant before filming on The Ultimatum Season 2 started. “People are going to say what they want to say, but it’s OK because we knew the truth,” she said. “I didn’t know [I was pregnant], so what anyone else had to say didn’t bother me. I know they’re good people. They’re not malicious.”

Before they confirmed they were still together, Brian and Lisa hinted at their relationship status on their social media. Both Brian and Lisa still follow each other on Instagram. Lisa also shared an Instagram post the day The Ultimatum Season 2 premiered of her and Brian on the show, which Brian reposted on his Instagram Story. “I put my heart on the line…was it worth it?? The Ultimatum: Marry or Move Season 2 is now on Netflix,” Lisa captioned the photo, which Brian reposted on his Instagram Story with the caption, “Yessir sis!” Brian also hinted that he and Lisa were still together when he reposted a friend’s Instagram Story of him and Lisa on The Ultimatum Season 2, in which the friend congratulated Lisa and Brian on the milestone in their relationship. “It’s timeeee! Congratulations @lisahorne_ & @brianxokoye,” the friend captioned the photo.

The Ultimatum Season 2 is believed to have filmed from September to November 2022 based on the social media hiatuses of the cast members. In November 2022, Brian shared an Instagram post in which he celebrated “two years of love and growth” with Lisa, which seemed to have confirmed they’re still together. “Tell me your vision and I’ll show it to you This past weekend was one for the books,” he wrote. “I celebrated two years of love & growth with @lisahorne_ and was fortunate to produce the finale of Red Bull’s HBCU Tour at NCCU. After months of planning of preparation we created a masterpiece.” Lisa commented, “Always so proud of you my baby” with a heart emoji, to which Brian responded, “my lady.”

Read Lisa and Brian’s about page on Netflix’s site ahead:

“Lisa and Brian aren’t exactly strangers to ultimatums. After six months of casual hookups, Lisa locked down their one-time situationship by making Brian choose once and for all between love and friendship. He decided to exclusively commit to Lisa and the two have been together for a year and half. Brian loves how Lisa pushes him to be the best version of himself, while it means the everything to Lisa to see her 10-year-old daughter bond with Brian.

Now, the couple has arrived at another crossroads, as they’re at odds over a timeline for marriage and starting a family together. Lisa is issuing Brian the ultimatum because “if he’s not ready to propose, then [she’s] ready to move on.” But Brian is hesitant to pop the question due to Lisa’s jealousy issues and her tendency to turn disagreements into explosive arguments. Unless Lisa and Brian can learn to communicate effectively, their future together remains in serious jeopardy.”

Did Lisa and Brian have their baby from The Ultimatum Season 2?

Did Lisa and Brian have their baby from The Ultimatum Season 2? The answer is yes. Lisa and Brian confirmed they welcomed a baby boy at The Ultimatum Season 2 reunion. Lisa and Brian also confirmed the birth of their son in an interview with Us Weekly. “The baby is chunky and healthy! He is just the cutest thing,” Lisa said. “I love it [being a mom]. Love it! When you have a child and just, like, looking at him, those tiny hands, those eyes, like, you just become obsessed. So I’m literally obsessed over him right now. He’s all I talk about with everybody.”

She continued, “Me and Brian are still together. Things are good. [We’re] living together, nurturing our family, making sure that everything’s in place for the kids.”

While Lisa and Brian weren’t engaged at the time, Lisa told Us Weekly that she and Brian were “working toward” marriage. “Fatherhood has changed me for the better,” Brian said Us. “Definitely in terms of, you know, the things I prioritize now. [Our son] comes first and foremost, and our household comes first. … I’m just making sure that I’m giving him and his mother the love that they deserve.”

Lisa also told the magazine that she and Brian have since recovered from their explosive fight while on The Ultimatum. “I’ve been talking about the argument and I completely forgot about that. I definitely regret that — it was not my proudest moment whatsoever,” Lisa said. “I’m known to be spicy, but not that spicy. … But I’ve grown from it. I’ve apologized at length to Brian. … I always say, ‘Thank God he’s such a forgiving, loving, graceful man,’ because he comforted me.”

Before they confirmed their baby, Lisa and Brian hinted at her pregnancy on their social media. From February 2023 to June 2023, Lisa had only posted four photos on her Instagram, two of which were headshots and two of which showed her only from her back, which hinted that she may have been trying to keep her baby bump a secret until The Ultimatum Season 2 premiered.

In an interview with Tudum after The Ultimatum Season 2 premiered, Lisa and Brian responded to claims they’re only still together because of their baby. “This baby isn’t a crutch for us, and we’re not going to use it as that,” Lisa Said. “We needed to figure if we wanted to be together in the long run and that our goals aligned.” Brian added that his and Lisa’s main goal was to “focus on ourselves to allow us to be better within our relationship.”

Brian also responded to criticism of his and Lisa’s relationship, explaining that their fights on The Ultimatum Season 2 were “moments of hight tension” that do not define their relationship. He also claimed that Lisa is “completely the opposite of who she was” for most of The Ultimatum Season 2’s filming. “Obviously, there was a lot of hormones flaring, but she’s a truly beautiful person,” he said. Brian also explained that, since undergoing therapy, he and Lisa have learned how “to be raw and real with each other without wanting to hurt someone in the moment.”

Lisa explained that her and Brian’s arguments were the result of her holding onto a past “intense situation in [their] relationship.” “There were things that I was still trying to heal from, so being in that situation triggered me,” she said. “As a woman, when you’re put through certain things in a relationship, especially when you haven’t had adequate time to heal, you’re on edge.” Brian, for his part, confessed that he used to be “very self-centered in many ways” before filming The Ultimatum Season 2. “I was always wanting to be the best boyfriend, but in the sense that I didn’t necessarily hold myself accountable for my actions,” he said. “I didn’t take criticism well, but now I’m at the point where I’m really open-minded and trying to be the best listener possible.”

He continued, “Either I could be like, ‘I’m not ready for this,’ or I can man up and say, ‘I’m with you 100 percent.’ We decided that we were going to focus on building a family and bringing a child into the world.”

Who Is Lisa From The Ultimatum Season 2?

Who is Lisa from The Ultimatum Season 2? Jelisa “Lisa” Horne is a 32-year-old vice president of clinical services who lives in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area. Her Instagram handle is @lisahorne_.

Lisa was the Ultimatum Giver. Her original partner was Brian Okoye. She did not have a new partner as she and Brian left before The Choice. According to her Linkedin, Lisa’s most recent job as a Clinical Nurse Specialist at the company Five Senior Living, where she started working in June 2022. She graduated from East Carolina University in 2014. She also graduated from the University of North Carolina Wilmington with a Master of Science in Health Care Administration and Management in 2019.

According to her Instagram biography, Lisa is also a philanthropist and works with the nonprofit organization, The Noelle Foundation.

Who Is Brian From The Ultimatum Season 2?

Who is Brian from The Ultimatum Season 2? Brian Okoye is a 29-year-old financial analyst who lives in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area. His Instagram handle is @brianxokoye.

Brian was the Ultimatum Receiver. His original partner was Jelisa “Lisa” Horne. He did not have a new partner as he and Lisa left before The Choice. According to his Linkedin, Brian’s most recent job was a Technical Business Analyst in Production Support at the company Centene Corporation, where he worked from February 2022 to January 2023. He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems and Services.

According to his Instagram biography, Brian also works as a Creative Director and founded the marketing agency Spiral World, which is described as a referral-based creative and experiential marketing agency.

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