LinkedIn is the latest tech giant to launch a creator program

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LinkedIn is building a creator management team to help grow its community of content creators on the platform, according to an announcement from the company's editor in chief.

Why it matters: The success of platforms like TikTok, OnlyFans and Substack has led to a mad dash of investments from tech companies into the creator economy. Facebook and Snapchat have launched TikTok competitors, and Twitter bought a newsletter platform.

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What they're saying: "Creators are the driving engine of LinkedIn," the company's editor-in-chief Dan Roth tweeted.

  • "Creators are the ones who often get that ball rolling, creating original posts, stories, videos, articles, etc.; amplifying new people to follow; sharing news and links and explaining why they're worth our time," Roth tweeted.

  • Roth says he's hiring for a head of community to report to him. The job posting for the role says the head of community will build and run "a global team."

  • The job listing for the role, posted on LinkedIn, says: "We’re starting a community management team to support and grow our content creators, with the mission to source, nurture, uplevel and retain these important voices."

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