Lindsay Lohan's Brother Shares Photos From Night Out With the New Mom

Lindsay Lohan's little brother, Dakota Lohan, is absolutely "over the moon" to have finally met her firstborn, Luai.

The actor traveled to Dubai to visit his family, which also seemed to include brother Mike, his wife, Nina, and their daughter, Isabel Scarlet.

In photos shared on Instagram yesterday, Aug. 9, Dakota showed off their nights out on the town and dinner dates with the new mom and dad, Lindsay's husband Bader Shammas, who seemingly got a little break from parenting, along with beach days and helmet footage from a massive zipline over the city.

"Over the mooon," he wrote in the caption. "I’m basically speechless but here goes nothing. I got to see my best friends in a place I never thought I’d experience as in Dubai (hot as shit in the summer). They have the most precious little baby Luai who lights up their life and everyone who meets him. This trip to Dubai really put me in the best headspace and I’m beyond grateful for every single moment. Love y’all. Never stop being you 🤘🏼🕺🩵. #smile #bekind #love."

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“Had the best time with you (like I always do). So grateful I got to be here for your first born. I love you more than I can put into words. You’re the best Linds,” he added in an Instagram Story, featuring a snapshot of the two of them in the car, likely on the way to the airport.

He also sent her a beautiful floral arrangement, as seen in Lindsay's Instagram Stories.

The Parent Trap star—who's already made it clear she's not a regular mom—and her husband welcomed their son about a month ago.

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