Lily Collins’ 50s-esque side swooping fringe makes her look *just* like Audrey Hepburn

Late last year, Lily Collins debuted a brand new (and glamorous) 1950s-inspired hairstyle that we had noted down for the party szn. But what happens when she rocks a similar look during the mid-March-winter-spring cusp? Why, we recreate it once again, of course!

The actor took to her main Instagram feed to share a six-part carousel post of her recent digital cover shoot with Harper's Bazaar UK. And if you didn't think she already looked like Audrey Hepburn, well, she most certainly does now – yes, we're talking micro-bangs 'n' all.

Celebrity hairstylist, Mike Desir was the genius behind the hair look, styling her already preened bangs in a swooping side fringe, while makeup artist, Aurélie Payen groomed her perfect brows. Scroll through the below 'Parisian play time' post (as she calls it herself) to take in the entirety of her beauty:

Stunning, right?!

And this isn't the first time we seen Lily sport a Hepburn-esque 'do. As mentioned earlier, back in December Lily provided us with yet another IG carousel post that included a very familiar hairstyle... and a very similar vail, too! For this shoot, DJ Quintero took on the task of Lily's locks whilst her MUA, Vincent Oquendo, created a pink shimmer eye look and manicurist, Thuy Nguyen, painted on winter-appropriate chocolate claws.

And not only that, but she also revealed the unlikely celebrity that inspired her look. "Channeling Wednesday on a Monday. See you tonight on @colbertlateshow…", she wrote in the caption.

As much as we love the entire beauty look, we have to admit that our fave aspect – yep you guessed it – is the hair. Her locks have been pulled back into a chic low bun and as for the fringe that she's sported for many years, well, that has been styled in a side-sweeping side parting. The whole hairstyle is just *chef's kiss*.

However, before you head to the bathroom drawer and grab those [not very good] hairdressing scissors you bought during lockdown, you may want to listen up.

Although it may seem as though Lily has had her fringe cut shorter, by taking a second glance at both posts, by the looks of it we think that, instead, the micro-fringe look has been achieved with a very clever hair trick. The ends have been styled to the side and held in place with some strong-hold hair spray to give the illusion of a shorter look.

Side note: Who knew Emily Cooper's apartment from Emily In Paris is on Google maps?! I mean, if that ain't success, IDK what is.

But I digress, for the moral of this story is that we now know who we'll be stalking (read: refreshing her feed) for all the hair-spo... no matter the time of year. Thanks, Lil!

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