Lili Reinhart Just Wore the Bikini Trend Jennifer Lopez Also Loves

Erin Fitzpatrick

Great minds think alike, especially when it comes to fashion trends. Emily Ratajkowski and Kaia Gerber are on the same page about their favorite summer dresses, while Kate Middleton and Jennifer Aniston both love the same pair of sunglasses. Now, I've noticed a connection between Lili Reinhart and Jennifer Lopez: They both love neon swimsuits. 

Last summer, I did a story on J.Lo's best neon swim looks, and now Reinhart is getting in on the trend action too. She just shared a selfie wearing the Solid & Striped Beverly Bikini Top ($89), and it's still available at Revolve right now. But don't worry if you're not into bright colors—January Jones also recently wore a bikini from Revolve that's a bit more muted if that's more your thing. Scroll down to see how Lili and Jennifer wear neon swimsuits, and then shop the trend. 

On Lili Reinhart: Solid & Striped Beverly Bikini Top ($89)

Shop Lili's Swimsuit

Solid & Striped Beverly Bikini Top ($89)

Solid & Striped Rachel Bikini Bottoms ($84)

How J.Lo Wears Neon Swimsuits

Shop More Neon Swimsuits

Solid & Striped The Rachel Bikini Top ($84)

Shop the matching Rachel Bikini Bottoms ($84). 

Peixoto Jojo Bikini Top ($53)

Shop the matching Cayo Bikini Bottoms ($34). 

H&M Bikini Top ($18)

Shop the matching V-Cut Bikini Bottoms ($13). 

L*Space Millie Bikini Top ($88)

Shop the matching Jay Bikini Bottoms ($79). 

Becca Etc. Fine Line One-Piece Swimsuit ($148)

H&M Push-Up Triangle Bikini Top ($18)

Shop the matching Bikini Bottoms ($13).

H&M Push-Up Triangle Bikini Top ($18)

Shop the matching Bikini Bottoms ($13). 

Swimsuits for All Romancer Turquoise Color Block Triangle Bikini ($60)

La Blanca Island One-Piece Swimsuit ($47)

H&M Bikini Top ($18)

Shop the matching V-Cut Bikini Bottoms ($13).

Beth Richards Scrunchie Bikini Top ($130)

Shop the matching Scrunchie Bikini Bottoms ($100).

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