WATCH: How to Create the Perfect Airbnb Listing — Katie Couric Has the Exclusive

Like so many glossy travel brochures of “innovative” tour companies that promise “authentic experiences” and “unparalleled” service and luxury, only to offer the same ol’ same ol’ mass market herding to the top tourist sites, Silicon Valley is full of promises of companies that aim to “disrupt” an industry with products so amazing they’ll change people’s behavior for the better. But like those brochures, most of it is fluffy posturing.

And then there’s Airbnb.

If any company can claim to have disrupted anything, it’s this vacation rental upstart. In case you’re not familiar, Airbnb provides a slick-and-easy interface to let Joe Schmoes like you and me both list and rent rooms/apartments from each other. Soccer legend Ronaldhino even put his mansion up for the World Cup, and there’s crazy-cool options like a desert tent, beer barrel, Tuscan castle, and lighthouse as well. In the process, Airbnb has upended the traditional idea of booking a hotel while on vacation and created a new “share-conomy.” And that’s not all it has its eyes on.

In World 3.0, a new series by Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric, Airbnb CEO and co-founder Brian Chesky reveals his plans to take over the travel industry, the lessons he’s learned along the way, and for you budding hoteliers out there, tips on how to create the perfect listing.

It’s a brave new world — and now easier ever to explore. Time to get inspired.

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