Say goodbye to fatigue and bulkiness with the best lightweight sneakers

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A woman wearing lightweight sneakers to exercise comfortably
A woman wearing lightweight sneakers to exercise comfortably

Do you often feel fatigued in your legs after walking a long distance wearing regular sneakers? Sneakers are indeed one of the best footwear types for various outdoor activities involving your feet like running, walking, and exercises. But most of them are quite heavy and prevent you from walking comfortably.

This is why you should grab a pair of premium-quality lightweight sneakers for 2022. Not only do they have light construction but they can also improve your balance and correct your posture. You won’t have to deal with pain, even if you walk miles in these shoes.

Top Picks

Best overall: Keds Women’s Lightweight Sneakers

A women's canvas sneaker from Keds
A women's canvas sneaker from Keds

This is a perfect pair of lightweight sneakers for the stylish person in you who demands versatile style and comfort. Featuring a rubber sole and high-quality construction, these sneakers will handle whatever your day throws at you and last for a long time. The shaft measures low-top from the arch, giving you a comfortable fit and unparalleled arch support — so you won’t suffer from pain caused by uneven weight distribution while standing or walking. These shoes also offer extra room so that you can easily move your toes inside them. Lightweight and comfortable, these sneakers are everything you could want, and that’s why they’re the best choice.

Key Features:

  • Has a rubber sole

  • Made of canvas

  • Available in three colors

Fantastic design: Roxy Women’s Lightweight Sneakers

A women's slip-on sneaker from Roxy
A women's slip-on sneaker from Roxy

Made of premium material, these slip-on sneakers are ideal for wearing all year long. They come reinforced with a memory foam padded insole to offer you enhanced comfort even if you wear them for the whole day. Available in many styles, most of these shoes have graphics printed on them using water-based ink that won’t fade easily. Thanks to their padded foam collar, your feet won’t slip inside them while running. They also have a slight heel, giving a small boost to your height.

Key Features:

  • Made of cotton and thermoplastic rubber

  • Features a rubber sole

  • Memory foam padding for extra comfort

  • Heel of 1.3 inches

  • Available in 20 colors

Most comfortable: New Balance Women’s Lightweight Sneakers

A women's lightweight sneakers from New Balance
A women's lightweight sneakers from New Balance

With a contemporary bootie construction, these sneakers hug your feet snugly while making your look stylish. They are made with high-quality mesh, which ensures high breathability as well as durability. Thanks to their REVlite midsole, these shoes boast lightweight cushioning to provide you with utmost comfort throughout the day. They also feature a memory sole comfort insole, offering a plush feel regardless of the surface you walk on. Their slip-on design reinforced with laces ensures added support when you run, workout, or explore the town wearing them. Available in a range of different designs and both standard and wide sizes, these lightweight sneakers are not only your training friend but are perfect for all sorts of outings.

Key Features:

  • Has a flexible rubber sole

  • 100% synthetic construction

  • Features a bootie design

  • Available in 12 colors

Most durable: Skechers Men’s Lightweight Sneakers

A men's lightweight sneakers from Skechers
A men's lightweight sneakers from Skechers

Ideal for athletic walking, these shoes are unparalleled in terms of performance because they are super lightweight. Featuring mesh upper with cushioned sole and padded heel, they offer excellent breathability and comfort at the same time. Their insole is fortified with a Goga Max technology for added comfort and support, while the injection-molded midsole contributes to absorbing shocks and impacts while walking or running. For stability and proper grip, these sneakers come equipped with solid weave mesh fabric toe and heel panels. Cleaning them is also a snap because they are suitable for machine wash.

Key Features:

  • Features a synthetic sole

  • Made with pure textile

  • Heal panels for added feet protection

  • Available in four colors

Multi-purpose: Adidas Men’s Lightweight Sneakers

A men's light racer sneakers from Adidas
A men's light racer sneakers from Adidas

Made from 100% synthetic materials, this pair of lightweight sneakers is the optimal choice for multipurpose use, from jogging and exercising to walking and even streetwear. The rubber sole provides traction to ensure optimal balance on most floors. Featuring a mesh upper, this pair offers excellent ventilation to keep your feet safe from sweating. You can wear it either way — barefoot or with socks. The footwear also resists wear down, ensuring you can rely on it. With a charming design in many different colors, this is the perfect one for anyone looking for a versatile running shoe to help them reach their fitness goals.

Key Features:

  • 100% synthetic material

  • Rubber sole offers excellent traction

  • Lightweight textile upper provides durability

  • Available in 20 colors

Buying guide: Finding your next pair of lightweight sneakers

Lightweight sneakers are a popular option for many people, as they provide more comfort than traditional ones and still look stylish. If you're not aware of the most important aspects of lightweight sneakers, however, it can be challenging to know what features you should be hunting for and which ones you may want to avoid.

What to look for in lightweight sneakers?

1. Size

Lightweight sneakers are available in multiple size options. If you do not get the proper size, either your feet will ache a lot due to compression or walking will become difficult. This is why getting the right measurements of your feet and comparing them with the manufacturer's chart is essential. You should also check if the chosen product is true to fit or not.

2. Upper

Most lightweight sneakers come with a mesh fabric or synthetic upper as these materials improve air circulation and prevent any kind of discomfort. Plus, they are soft and won’t cause any abrasion or injuries to your feet.

3. Outer sole

When you walk on slippery surfaces, there are high chances of slipping and getting injured. This is why you must look for lightweight sneakers with a textured base. It will generate enough traction to ensure you can have an outstanding balance, good posture, and walk comfortably without slipping or injuring yourself.

4. Protection and comfort

If you want maximum protection and comfort, choose lightweight sneakers with a padded insole. Most times, the cushion can absorb shocks and protect your feet from rocks and debris. Plus, it also reduces fatigue and prevents pain in your feet.

5. Durability

If you want to use lightweight sneakers regularly, you must choose a pair with high durability. It should be made from materials with excellent quality and resistance against wear and tear.

What are the benefits of wearing lightweight sneakers?

  • Relax your feet: Lightweight sneakers tend to be much more relaxing than regular ones. This helps if you plan on wearing sneakers all day long. They won’t cause fatigue or excruciating pain in your feet.

  • Protect your feet: While walking or running, you might step on debris or a sharp rock. The moment your feet come in contact, you can feel a sharp, shooting pain running along the calves. This is where lightweight sneakers are great since they are reinforced with cushion padding to absorb sudden shocks.

  • Provide comfort: Made from a lightweight material, the sneakers can offer outstanding comfort. For instance, a mesh upper keeps your feet from sweating. Similarly, a cushioned midsole adds an extra layer of comfort.

How to maintain lightweight sneakers

1. Don’t put them in a washing machine

Hand-wash them using warm water, a mild detergent, and a scrub brush. Do not use bleach or harsh chemicals. Once washed, hang the sneakers for drying. Remember not to use a blow dryer because excess heat can damage the footwear.

2. Keep a wet cloth handy

Wipe your lightweight sneakers with a soft wet cloth once you see stain marks. You must do it immediately so that the stain doesn’t get hard to remove. Plus, you should also use a stain removal solution because sometimes, the marks are stubborn and won’t go away easily.

3. Dust them off with a dry cloth every day

To keep your lightweight sneakers looking new, dust them off with a dry cloth every day. This will help remove any dirt or dust accumulated and keep your sneakers looking new.

People also asked

Q: What are the best types of lightweight sneakers to wear while running without wearing socks?

A: The best type of lightweight sneaker to wear without a sock is one having a sock liner. This allows your foot to fit perfectly and avoid slipping when sweaty. It will offer you more comfort, regardless of the activity you are doing.

Q: Can I wear my lightweight sneakers for long distances?

A: Yes, you can wear lightweight sneakers for long distances. But it would be better to avoid walking or running on gravel and rough surfaces as this can cause more wear and tear. Also, if you are planning to go on a long and steep hike, these shoes won’t be suitable.

Q: What is the difference between lightweight and regular sneakers?

A: Lightweight is sneaker-speak for the type made from lightweight materials so they can be moved in quickly and efficiently but remain strong and durable. Regular sneakers are more heavy-duty and often made with denser materials like leather or nylon.