These Lightweight Carry-On Suitcases Are Exactly What Your Summer Travels Require

There's enough to worry about when we travel, but having to pay attention to how much your suitcase weighs brings on a whole new level of stress. Especially on smaller planes and when traveling through Europe, many airlines will even weigh your carry-on, which is precisely how I once ended up having trouble breathing in the Venice airport with a full day of traveling ahead. If the idea of checking your bag also gives you heart palpitations, you need to make sure you get a light carry-on suitcase.

These 15 pieces of luggage all weigh less than 9 pounds, which means more space for extra outfits, toiletries, and anything else you might need. Plus, if you end up having to run through an airport (we've all been there), having a lightweight suitcase makes all the difference. Just keep reading to shop our picks, and enjoy your travels!

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