'All The Light We Cannot See' Fans Are Dying To Know If A Sequel Is Coming

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Will 'All The Light We Cannot See' Have Season 2?Netflix
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All The Light We Cannot See just hit Netflix on Nov. 2, but the series is already skyrocketed to the top of the streamer's charts (at No. 1, to be exact). For what it's worth, the new show is actually an adaptation of the wildly popular Anthony Doerr novel by the same name, so it already had a lot of people eager to see if the film version would live up to its predecessor. And, based on it's chart-topping status, it delivered.

ICYMI, All The Light We Cannot See follows two teenagers living through World War II in Europe. Marie-Laure is a blind teenage girl who flees Paris with her father, while Werner Pfennig is a teen stuck in Germany, pressured into military service with the Nazis.

With all the hype around the series, it's natural to wonder if Netflix will provide everyone with a sequel, renewing All The Light for a second season. However, its fate is a little up-in-the-air at the moment.

On the one hand, it currently ranks really high on the streamer, which is a tell-tale sign for any run-of-the-mill show's renewal. Still, the series was coined "limited," and is based off of a singular book—so its source material is pretty set in stone. Here's what to know:

Will there be a season 2 for All The Light We Cannot See?

So far, Netflix hasn't announced anything that would confirm a potential second season or sequel.

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The series dropped all four of its episodes at once, and it ends on a somewhat somber note. However, it doesn't actually include all of the details from the book.

In the television series, Marie-Laure and Werner go their separate ways in the final episode, and Marie-Laure throws the Sea of Flames jewel into the ocean to return it to its rightful place. While this wraps up the limited film series in a neat bow for fans of the show, the original All The Light We Cannot See book fans were less than convinced.

In the book, the readers meet the characters again in present day, introducing the then-86-year-old Marie-Laure enjoying her life in Paris. It also includes a brief 30-year time jump of Marie-Laure meeting Werner's sister, Jutta.

It's possible the series creators intentionally left a bit of plot left to pick up the series again, but no one can know for sure. Plus, series creator Sean Levy told Entertainment Weekly that they changed the ending to add "hope" to a very bleak story (rather than leave room for a sequel). In fact, Levy was "insistent" on cutting the epilogue scenes out of the show, per EW.

"Though it is far from a happy ending, I wanted to end with a promise of hope, and there were some bleak, deeply upsetting scenes late in the book that we didn't include in the show," Levy told Entertainment Weekly.

Basically, it doesn't seem likely All The Light We Cannot See will have a sequel season, but it's not impossible! Only time will tell at this point...

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