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These TikTok-famous toilet seat lifters will 'save your marriage' — and they're just $6 a pop

Life brings plenty of unpleasantries we just can't avoid: getting stuck in traffic, having to go to the dentist ... but touching the toilet seat with our bare hands? That's one thing you don't have to worry about, thanks to a simple yet effective invention called the Lifty Loo. This little piece of plastic, which acts as a sanitary toilet seat handle, has found a fanbase on TikTok, and thousands of Amazon customers also swear by it. A pack of two will set you back just $12, and if you're on hosting duty this holiday season, be prepared for your guests to ask where they can get a pack too.

Lifty Loo? More like Nifty Loo. 

$12 at Amazon

The Lifty Loo couldn't be easier to use. All you do is peel off the adhesive cover, stick it to your toilet seat and you've got a handy, well, handle. Now when your significant other forgets to lower the seat (or it's time to clean the toilet), you'll be spared from touching anything you'd rather not.

It comes in classic white or a fun blue tile design, and is made from recycled ocean plastic. Plus, it includes both thin and thick adhesives to suit flat- and curved-bottom seats.

Check out this TikTok to see it in action!

someone using the lifty loo toilet seat handle
Who knew accessorizing your toilet could bring such joy?

TikTokers aren't the only ones loving their Lifty Loos — the little gadget has over 2,200 Amazon enthusiasts, too!

"I’m a germaphobe, so this purchase made too much sense," admitted one satisfied shopper. "One of my pet peeves is having to touch the toilet seat. I sanitize my home daily, if not hourly, and the handle makes cleaning the toilet so much more tolerable. The handle doesn’t get splatter on it, [it's] super easy to install and the adhesive sticks perfectly."

Some people even bring them to the office: "Bought these for a toilet at work," shared a clever employee. "Gets a lot of use. They work like a charm and so far (two months) are doing good. Adhesive sticks to [the] seat with no issues. Very easy to install. Recommend for any high-use toilet. These should be standard on all public toilets."

"I love these," raved another fan. "I live in a home with five guys and these have been the greatest thing for me. Easy to install and remove. The only thing I would say that I don’t like is cleaning between the small gap of the lift handle and the toilet seat. Other than that, these are wonderful."

This concise reviewer might have summed it up best: "Save your marriage."

With two to a pack, stick one on every toilet in your home!

$12 at Amazon

And if you don't want an icky toilet brush hanging out in the corner of your b-room, this popular Clorox ToiletWand is where it's at:

Complete with six disposable replacement heads, it's like you're getting a new brush every time you use it. Just pop one of the heads on, scrub and toss it into the trash. 

$12 at Walmart

"I absolutely love this!" gushed a content cleaner. "Sure, I could clean my toilet with a brush, but this is so much more sanitary and less hassle of trying to keep a nasty brush clean. It's already saving me money because each pad has cleaning product already in it. All you do is dip the pad and scrub. The amount of solution in the pads are more than enough. Very impressive."

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