'It's A Lifestyle' - Macklemore Announces Adidas x Bogey Boys Clothing Collaboration

 'It's A Lifestyle' - Macklemore Announces Adidas x Bogey Boys Clothing Collaboration
'It's A Lifestyle' - Macklemore Announces Adidas x Bogey Boys Clothing Collaboration

The rapper Macklemore is one of the many famous faces from the music industry who has recently been bitten by the golf bug. DJ Khaled has famously become obsessed with golf over recent months, and the pair represent a new wave of musicians and other artists becoming more deeply involved with the sport. In 2021 Macklemore, real name Ben Haggerty, launched his golf lifestyle brand, Bogey Boys, focusing on styles from the 70s and 80s. Today, Adidas has partnered up with Bogey Boys to launch a collection of golf apparel and accessories for men and women that's reimagining classic golf styles.

"I've always really liked golf fashion, particularly from back in the day and before I even started playing the game myself," Haggerty told Golf Monthly. "I used to go a thrift old golf pants, plaid, tartans I'd put together a whole fit when I was 17 or 18 years old. I loved the stuff from the 70s, 80s and 90s."

Haggerty caught the golf bug while playing in Hawaii with his father and brother. "It's very clear to me when I first caught the bug for golf. It was a five-iron I hit out of a bunker. I'd already hit like two houses that day but I pured this club out of the bunker, it hit the green and I was immediately obsessed. It was a serious dopamine kick, I wanted that feeling again, and I've been on the pursuit ever since."

"As I started to play the sport, I'd go into stores and think all this stuff is boring! The options that were available to me, I looked like some insurance salesman. Immediately, I was like, I can do a better job of this. I can make something that's unique to myself and my experience with fashion and something I want to wear. That's where Bogey Boys came from."

A group of golfers on the driving range wearing the new adidas x Bogey Boys collection

The collection combined Adidas' sport and lifestyle heritage with the vintage and classic looks from recent Bogey Boy collections. It features apparel and footwear for men and women that combine high-performance materials with vintage styles, all with east on and off-course wearability. Four-button placket polos, a terry cloth tracksuit and a V-neck sweater vest are all part of the collection that will also come with a handful of accessories to compliment the range.

The on-and-off course wearability is something that certainly stands out from the new collection. "I think it's super important, you know, it's a lifestyle. This is a line of clothes I want people to be able to wear and experience so it's designed to be accessible in the golf space but then also has nothing to do with golf at the same time. Hopefully, it's an entry point to the sport at the same time."

"Whether you're good at the game or not, whether you're playing at your local muni or nine hole course, whether you're super into the game or not, there's something about putting together an outfit that looks fresh, that inspires you to get outside and I love that component of the design process."

Macklemore wearing pieces from the new Adidas x Bogey Boys collection including the new MC80 golf shoe

Dylan Moore, Senior Creative Director at Adidas Golf said of the collaboration, "As we continue our mission to be the most progressive golf brand in the world, this heritage gives us the luxury of revisiting our extensive archives for inspiration. Macklemore and the Bogey Boys team were the perfect partners for this because of their love for vintage apparel and eye-catching designs."

As part of the collection, Adidas is also releasing a new spikeless footwear model - the MC80. The new model has been inspired by Adidas' footwear archives from the 1980s, with modern Boost technology being subtly incorporated into the heel for the comfort we've become used to from the best Adidas golf shoes. The full Adidas x Bogey Boys collection will be available from adidas.com, bogeyboys.com, the Adidas app and at selected retailers beginning Wednesday, June 14th.