Lifestyle expert Moll Anderson shares surprising advice on how to design a baby's room

Lifestyle expert Moll Anderson is a New York Times bestselling author, a radio host, a TV host, an entrepreneur — and it’s all thanks to her eye for design. Her newest book, Change Your Home, Change Your Life with Color, is all about our relationship to colors and how the colors we use in our homes or incorporate into our wardrobes can completely transform our lives and enhance well-being.

Visiting the Build Series stage, Anderson shared her insights on unlocking our “color stories” and how to integrate color into our homes. One area where she gave some unexpected advice? What colors to use when designing a baby’s room.

Tradition dictates that baby colors are blue and pink, sometimes green or yellow, but Anderson has a different perspective completely. “Baby’s only see in contrast when they’re first born,” Anderson said. “So honestly, every nursery should be black and white.”

Anderson says that many big brands have caught on to that philosophy. “If you go to any of the major stores, they’re showing black and white for babies, and the reason why is they see that contrast.

“I really like that idea because your child will start to show you what color they love right away,” Anderson added. “Whether they see a hot pink bear, or they see a big red fire truck, and they’re pointing to it and reacting to it. Watch and let your children tell you what their color story is going to be.”

So according to Anderson, keep the baby’s room black and white (so they can see it when first born) and then watch them as they grow and begin to exhibit signs for color preference.

“Let the child tell you who they are,” Anderson said.

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