This Bestselling, ‘Life-Changing’ Pregnancy Pillow From Australia Is Beloved by Midwives & We Get Why It Keeps Selling Out

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After a long day of battling pregnancy symptoms — be it nausea, backaches, sore breasts, running to the bathroom every five minutes, or overall discomfort — all an expectant mom wants (and needs!) is a good night’s sleep. But, the cruel reality of pregnancy, is that it can be impossible to get settled in bed when there’s a baby bump in the way. By the second trimester, it’s not only uncomfortable to sleep on your back or belly, but it could potentially restrict blood flow to the fetus.

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And so, pregnant mamas have to turn to their sides and often need a supportive pregnancy pillow in order to get some serious Zs. Some pillows come as a full-body wrap-around pillow, or as pieces that are meant to target specific parts of the body.

The Sleepybelly pregnancy pillow has the best of both worlds. The 3-piece adjustable pillow surrounds mamas with one side supporting the back and the other, the tummy. There are two pieces that are basically the shape of a baby bump. Moms can place one below their belly and one behind them, or they can swap in the torso-length pillow to give their back extra support and stop mamas from rolling over. The pieces have an adjustable velcro attachment for widening the pillow, making this a one-and-done purchase that will last throughout the pregnancy. So yeah, it’s no wonder it keeps selling out.

Sleepybelly nursing pillow
Sleepybelly nursing pillow


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It’s even a win postpartum when it can be used as a nursing pillow! And we’re not the only ones who think so.

The Australian co-founders (Fear not! The Sleepybelly has free shipping to the United States!) wanted to create a product that had comfort and safety at the forefront, and midwives, physiotherapists, and more than 15K happy customers would certainly say they succeeded.

Our favorite detail of all? The pillow comes with a 30-night trial, so skeptical shoppers can rest easy (literally).

The Sleepybelly pregnancy pillow has hundreds of glowing reviews.

“Most comfortable pillow! The best part is being able to separate the pillows and use one at a time. My favorite is the long one! So convenient when I keep turning sides. 100% recommend!!”

“LOVE MY PILLOW. I read heaps of reviews before purchasing this product and this pillow is worth every cent!!!!…My only regret is not purchasing this in the first trimester, I didn’t think I needed a pregnancy pillow but your body changes so, so quick and the pillow really helps! ALSO. This pillow looks nice and isn’t bulky!”

“I can honestly say it’s the best money ever spent…The memory foam is honestly the best, it never flattens and just bounces right back after you’ve used it for the night.”

“Game changer! As a women’s health physio, I was getting frustrated as I found that a lot of pregnancy pillows on the market were not quite right for my patients. Being pregnant myself now I decided to do some research and came across Sleepybelly and WOW!…The main benefit for me has been the huge relief in hip pain that I was experiencing going from a back sleeper to a side sleeper. Highly recommend and will be suggesting this pillow to all of my pregnant patients!”

“Initially dubious but totally get it now…wondered what was with all the hype, but now happy to be part of the rave reviewers.”

This pillow is life-changing.”

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