If You're LGBTQ+, We Want To Know If You Feel Safe Being Out At Work

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It's Pride Month, which means lots of companies are switching to rainbow-colored logos and publicly showing support for their LGBTQ+ employees. But unfortunately, though companies say they support the community, it's not always so easy or even safe for people to be out at work.

person working in an office with a pride flag on their shelf
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So we want to hear your stories. Are you out at work, and why or why not? What have your experiences with coming out at work been like?

Maybe your workplace is a little conservative, so you don't feel comfortable being out with everyone. But you have a few close coworkers who you're friendly with, and you eventually felt comfortable enough to tell them. They thanked you for trusting them, and now you feel more accepted and safe with them at work.

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Or perhaps your job is more on the toxic side, so you don't want to risk sharing that part of your life with your coworkers. You've heard people in your workplace saying discriminatory things about other LGBTQ+ folks, like celebrities and people in the news, and it makes you sick thinking about the way they might react if you came out.

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Or maybe your workplace is really progressive and coming out was truly no big deal. You have a bunch of other coworkers who are out as well, and they've organized work events like a drag bingo happy hour or participating in your local Pride Parade that celebrate and normalize being out at work.

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Share your experiences with coming out at work in the comments below or via this anonymous form, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.