LGBTQ+ Celebs Speak Out Against Transphobic & Anti-Drag Laws Being Pushed

Kim Petras; Kerri Colby; Elliot Page
Kim Petras; Kerri Colby; Elliot Page

It’s time to take a stand and fight back.

Kim Petras; Kerri Colby; Elliot Page
Kim Petras; Kerri Colby; Elliot Page


The LGBTQ+ community is shaken to its core by the introduction of new legislation in certain states that censor drag performers and deny health care to trans individuals.

For decades, conservatives have been trying to block and/or overturn certain LGBTQ+ rights in the name of “protecting children.” Recently, the ongoing anti-trans and anti-drag rhetoric has escalated to new levels. It has now also become apparent that the pushing of these agendas has little to do with actually protecting any kids.

In the last few weeks, a CPAC speaker called for the “eradication” of transgender people, and the state of Tennessee passed a new bill significantly restricting drag performances. As a result, LGBTQ+ celebrities are ramping up the fight against these conservative forces by using their voices, while also calling for allies to the queer community to start speaking up.

Scroll through to see how LGBTQ+ celebrities are reacting to the new anti-drag and anti-trans legislation being pushed by conservatives.


BenDeLaCreme ✨🎄 on Instagram: "Grateful for the opportunity to speak about these discriminatory Drag and gender affirming care bans. Thanks to @lastwordmsnbc for having me on."

Kim Petras

“i kno giving this person attention is exactly what this person wanted . but fuck it it’s scary ur scary who the fuck says ‘ u must be eradicated from Public life ‘ like what insane delusion of grandeur does it take to say that . maybe you shouldn’t speak on anything cuz u nuts ?”

Bob the Drag Queen

“If you watch Drag Race, Pose, Legendary, Dragula, etc. you need to make your choice heard. These anti trans/ anti drag bills are actually starting to make their way through, and after that have taken down trans and nonbinary people. . . GAY BOYZ, YOU'RE NEXT!! Trust and believe.”

Elliot Page

@elliotpage on Instagram: "Please take a minute to listen to my friend @ChaseStrangio update us on why the recent legislation in Oklahoma is particularly alarming in the midst of all these terrifying anti-trans bills passing in state legislatures across the US. Learn how to help our community in Oklahoma and put pressure on legislators EVERYWHERE to stop the assault on trans people — more state resources in my Story. If you can, donate to trans-led orgs and keep following Chase and @aclu_nationwide for more ways to stand up for our community in states across the US. sending love and support, Elliot From @ChaseStrangio of ACLU: The trans community, particularly trans youth, are facing unprecedented assaults on their rights and survival in state legislatures. Already in 2023, over 350 bills have been introduced targeting trans people. Many bills will pass that strip trans youth of medically necessary healthcare. Oklahoma is taking these dangerous measures a step further and attempting to ban care for adults as well. Right now two bills - HB2177 and SB129 - are moving in Oklahoma and would effectively ban gender affirming care for people of all ages. We must mobilize now. Follow and support organizations in Oklahoma: @freedomoklahoma @transloveok @diversitycenterok Help us raise the alarm and let Oklahoma lawmakers know we are paying attention."

Kerri Colby

“A thread. Please listen. This is keeping me up at night. And I feel terrified.”

Jackie Beat

Jackie Beat on Instagram: "DISGUSTING. This is war. And your best ammunition is your VOTE! Yes, I wish our country wasn't a (failed) experiment offering only 2 parties. And I wish that we could all have courage and not buy into the ever-present "You're throwing your vote away." And yes, I really really REALLY wish it wasn't always "the lesser of two evils." But... This is where we stand so let's just rephrase it and admit that the @gop is clearly, proudly & shamelessly the GREATER of two evils. VOTE! #TransIsBeautiful"

Mj Rodriguez

Michaela Jaé on Instagram: "Just gonna leave this here. 🙏🏽♥️"

Hayley Kiyoko

Daya Betty

“U know that energy we use every Friday to be vocal about our opinions on runway looks, challenge winners, lipsynch losers? THAT ENERGY is NEEDED NOW to protect our queer people & spaces! What’s happening in Tennessee is just a stepping stone in a much larger, much scarier picture”

Chase Strangio

Chase Strangio on Instagram: "Posted @withregram • @democracynow ACLU attorney Chase Strangio says Republican anti-trans bills have a goal of “eradicating transness” from public life. #LGBTQ #LGBTQrights #transgender #transrights"

Kim Chi

“My god the media is filled with nothing but despair inducing news for the trans and drag community. Does anything good ever happen to us anymore??? We’ve become blatant martyrs to their political deflection and yet why does it feel like we can’t do anything about it?”

Candis Cayne

“Wtf? I’m calling for everyone out there to condemn this hateful rhetoric! This is killing my community! If you call yourself an ally then you can’t let this stand! Why is there so much hate in the world? Micheal Knowles… you are a sad sad man with evil in your heart.”


“Y’all- now is absolutely the time to stand up and make moves. Between Tennessee and legislators using words like “eradicate” against trans people it’s time to drop the internal petty judgement and fighting and suit up for the bigger enemy rn.”


Miss Peppermint on Instagram: "As you’re reading this, there are over 300 pieces of legislation aimed at putting limitations on the LGBTQ+ community. Specifically, on the topic of anti-drag bills, there are already 15 states with these bills working their way through committees. In many of these cases, people making these decisions are not a part of the community and are intentionally excluding us from the conversation and decision-making process. They are using myths and lies about the LGBTQ+ community to justify their decisions. We refuse to sit back and watch blatant homophobia and transphobia run rampant in the justice system as we are used as political pawns. Make your voice heard by speaking up. Call your local state representatives and let me know what they’re doing is an unnecessary attack on already marginalized communities 👏🏽❤️ #DragisForEveryone #TransIsBeautiful #protecttransyouth #fyp #tennessee #dragbill"

Maebe A Girl

“If you’re an LGBTQIA+ ally, now is the time speak up -not after queer and trans people are criminalized in all 50 states. If you’re upset about the Tennessee anti-drag law, be even more upset that nine other states have similar laws moving through state legislatures including: 🧵”

Jinkx Monsoon

Jinkx Monsoon (they/she) on Instagram: "This is for everyone who’s made a dollar off a drag queen— anyone who’s used a drag queen as a prop in their music video, TV show, or movie. Yet again, queer people are the only people talking about queer issues, even though we’ve been the court jesters for a lot of “allies” lately— but I guess y’all are just fence riders when it comes to choosing between right and objectively evil. 🤷🏻‍♀️🙄 Don’t worry. We’ll remember this."

Latrice Royale

Latrice Royale on Instagram: "THIS just goes to show, that if you actually learn about us and our stories, you might actually benefit having gotten to know us!!! #DragQueensAreForever Thank you @meganhoyt for your very sweet words!♥️"

Trinity the Tuck


Bianca Del Rio

Bianca Del Rio on Instagram: "WE ARE CURRENTLY LIVING IN THE TWILIGHT ZONE! 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫 This is INSANITY!!!! MICHAEL KNOWLES is the “speaker” who made this statement."

Jackie Cox

“I know y’all want every celeb/company you know to speak out against what is happening in Tennessee but their gov is not gonna care, because those companies are not based in TN. Let’s get specific: @FedEx YOU ARE ONE OF THE BIGGEST COMPANIES BASED IN TENNESSEE WHY ARE YOU SILENT?!”


Marti G Cummings

“Trans Lives Matter. You can not eradicate love. We will fight. We will not back down. We will resist.”


“Allies…… 🎤📣🗣️ …… please. The floor is yours. The world is trying to crush my unbeatable community. They won’t and could never, but its definitely past time to speak up. Please help us safely progress and thrive without fear.”

The Vivienne

“. @GovBillLee around children is more dangerous than any drag queen could ever be”

Ginger Minj

“Being an “ally” means more than coming to the show & tipping a few bucks (which is always appreciated!), it also means standing beside us in the fight for our survival. If you celebrate in our spaces, please help us to keep them safe! Get involved! Vote the bigots out!”

Bella DuBalle

“Bella DuBalle and my mom on the news pushing back against TN’s anti-drag bill! Report by @WMurphyNews via @WMCActionNews5.”

Darienne Lake

“We need more people to speak up and speak out. Let them @GovBillLee know that you supported the art of drag performing.”

Robin Fierce

“Y’all don’t care about this kid. Your using kids to hide behind these anti-queer bills and drag bands.”

Lady Bunny

Lady Bunny on Instagram: "Unless it's @willam or @latriceroyale!"

Joey Jay

“Hello allies and guest judges or anyone who got a check for contributing to @RuPaulsDragRace. Would love for you to speak up for our queer community now plz 💕”

Mark MacKillop

“Where are the companies who pander for queer money at Pride, the allies who love to come dance in our bars & who want us to do your hair at our salons? The singers/actors who want us to dress you for award shows now that the anti drag/trans law has passed in Tennessee? SPEAK UP”

Cheddar Gorgeous

“As parts of the US bring in a drag ban and far right commentators call for an "erraddication of transgenderism from public life" ...I wondered where all those flag waving allies went, are they busy, unaware or were they only there for the street party”