Lewis Capaldi Shared Harry Styles' Reaction After Lewis Drunk-Texted Him At 5 A.M.

Lewis Capaldi opened up about an awkward exchange he had with Harry Styles.

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In an interview on KissFM UK, the "Someone You Loved" singer recalled getting drunk one night and sending an "unsolicited" text to Harry for reasons he still can't remember even now.

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“I once sent Harry Styles a video at 5 o’clock in the morning. I don’t know what it was — I was hammered,” Lewis said. “But he said to me, ‘This feels like a "you up" text.’ And he screenshotted it, but I don’t know what it was that I sent him.”

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"So you never have known what that video has contained?" the host wondered. "Til this day, you could have asked Harry on a date and wouldn't have known?"

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"Yeah," Lewis replied. "I could’ve sent him an unsolicited picture of my…phone."

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YouTube: KISS FM UK / Via youtube.com

Lewis then acknowledged that Harry has since started dating someone — specifically, actor Olivia Wilde — but joked that he'd still be down to date another One Direction-er, if they were interested. "[I'll date] all of them," he said.

You can watch it all here.