Lenovo’s Go Desk Station Has The Most Logical Design We’ve Seen In a Desk Lamp

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Ahead of CES 2023, Lenovo is giving us a special sneak peek of its product lineup set to be released throughout the next year. There’s a lot to be excited about. We’re getting some new versions of Lenovo’s great laptops and tablets, but we’re also getting access to some new products that seek to innovate accessories for work.

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A lot of people transitioned to working remotely during the pandemic, and many of us have decided to make that transition permanent. One problem some people have with working from home, however, is their ability to stage a proper webcam meeting; we’ve learned that lighting and camera work can be a real challenge and that it’s easy to show up to your Zoom call looking like a video diary from 2005.

Lenovo is attempting to address this problem with the Go Desk Station and its included 4K webcam, which looks like an all-in-one hub to conquer virtual meetings once and for all.

Courtesy of Lenovo
Courtesy of Lenovo

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What We Love About the Lenovo Go Desk Station with Webcam

The Go Desk Station includes many features that aim to make video calls a breeze, like a rotatable arm, an adjustable desk light, and a high-resolution 4K webcam. It also includes an expansion hub and a wireless charger for your phone or any other compatible device.

The new Lenovo Go Desk Station with Webcam
The new Lenovo Go Desk Station with Webcam

There are some great webcams out there, but this one is specifically designed for video conferencing and high-res streaming. The Go 4K Pro Webcam includes features such as auto-adjustment for ambient lighting, a physical privacy shutter, and a maximum resolution of 4K at 30 FPS. It also features auto-focus and auto-framing with a selectable field of view. The Go 4K Pro Webcam should pair well with the Go Desk Station, but it looks like a great webcam in its own right.

Pricing and Availability

These new releases from Lenovo are exciting, to say the least, and you won’t have to wait that long to buy them. The Go Desk Station with the Webcam will be available in March of 2023, and we expect prices to start at $329.00. Additionally, the Lenovo Go 4K Pro Webcam is expected to be available around the same time, with prices starting at around $149.99.

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