Lena Dunham’s Pro-Women’s Health Halloween Costume Is All Treat No Tricks


In this week’s Lenny Letter, Lena Dunham traces the history of her own Halloween costumes, from a young child who wanted to be a mermaid-fairy (and whose dad fashioned some sort of homemade tail for her) to…a college freshman who hoped a sexy mermaid costume would result in the loss of her virginity (it did not).


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She also shared, in a hilarious self-deprecating anecdote, that she dressed up as Louis CK for her first big Hollywood party, “I thought my Louis costume would immediately establish me as cool, fun, and in on the joke. Plus, this was Hollywood — wasn’t everyone too sophisticated to fall for yet another sexy cat??“

You can probably guess the answer to that question.


At the end, Dunham announces her costume for this year – something decidedly un-scary, that is, unless women’s access to such professionals is restricted by legislators on both the state and federal level.

This year, Dunham is “going as something newsy, sexy, and cool: a Planned Parenthood doctor!”

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Here at Yahoo Health, we think it’s an especially winning idea. Nothing goes with candy quite like a fact-driven conversation about women’s health and the role that Planned Parenthood plays in so many women’s lives.

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