Lena Dunham Deleted an Instagram of Herself in Underwear to Protect Teenagers from 'Trollz'


“I’d wear any of these outfits btw,” Dunham wrote in the caption. Photo: @lenadunham/Instagram

Lena Dunham has a message for her followers: don’t mess.

The writer, director, and star of Girls recently deleted an Instagram she posted of herself wearing boyfriend Jack Antonoff’s underwear. In a separate image, a photo of a magazine spread featuring Marisa Tomei, Regina King, Carrie Fisher, Michelle Dockery, and Dunham, she explained her reasoning behind removing the snap.

“Just an FYI, I don’t delete because I’m ashamed of my body — I delete because certain pics become hot beds for negativity,” she wrote. “You think I want a teenager visiting my page and seeing a zillion comments about how fat I am? No, because that is hurtful to any person struggling, comparing, contrasting. So since the trollz came out, I will instead share a pic of me shining bright on my rightful throne.” (That throne being a best dressed contender in a weekly tabloid.)

The deleted image.

While the 29-year-old has been a body-positive activist for some time now, appearing on her show unabashedly nude, she’s stepped up her social media game up recently. After paparazzi took a picture of the Lenny Letter co-founder on a jog, she shared the sweaty and makeup-free image. “This fills me with pride,” she said.

Additionally, Joshua Ostrovsky, better known as the Fat Jewish, tweeted in 2013, “Watching Lena Dunham’s nude scenes in “Girls” marks the first time i’ve ever considered switching back to a low-definition television.” Dunham then. two years later, responded: