Who is @lemonladysecrets on TikTok? Everything to know about the next big anonymous gossip source.

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In the vein of Deuxmoi and Enty’s Days and Nights blog, there’s a new anonymous Hollywood insider entertaining followers with juicy celebrity gossip: Lemon Lady Secrets.

The @lemonladysecrets TikTok account isn’t new — the first video is from August 2022 — but it started picking up steam in recent weeks.

The account advertises “real risqué story times,” and while Lemon Lady never actually names any of the celebrities involved, commenters have jumped to guess who she’s talking about and, more important, who she is.

Who is Lemon Lady Secrets?

Despite the dating stories, Lemon Lady has been pretty tight-lipped about any details that could reveal who she actually is. What we know so far, based on videos, is that she was on the dating app Raya and she was 17 in 2011, making her about 29 years old now.

According to comments, the most popular theory is actress Anna Kendrick. This is mostly because multiple commenters seemingly identify as amateur dentists and swear the Lemon Lady’s bottom row of teeth looks “exactly” like Kendrick’s.

However, Kendrick is 37, which, if we’re to believe Lemon Lady’s timeline, makes her too old to be the woman behind the lemon. The age factor also eliminates the other theory that Emma Chamberlain, who is 21, is behind the account.

Other suggestions include popular creator Tefi, who loves pop culture and celebrity storytelling, but she already has over 1.6 million followers on her personal TikTok account — why would she make a secondary one?

What commenters seemingly are clinging to the most are Lemon Lady’s teeth — so much so, that she even addressed it in a recent video.

Why do people think Lemon Lady is a celebrity?

There are two main reasons people are guessing Lemon Lady is a celebrity, rather than a regular person. One is her mentioning Raya, a private membership-based dating app that you have to be referred for to even join. The general reputation of Raya is that it’s for celebrities and super-rich people.

The second is that Lemon Lady mentions in one of her recent stories that she met a “very hot” actor on a TV set who followed her back on Instagram.

Who is the Harvard dentist investigating Lemon Lady’s teeth?

This teeth theory has become such a big deal that an actual Harvard dentist has gotten involved to rule out what celebrities could be behind Lemon Lady.

Dr. Sara (@veneercheck) is just as surprised as you probably are that she’s gotten involved with Lemon Lady. According to her first video, she was tagged in a comment on one of Lemon Lady’s videos asking for help identifying who it is based on her teeth.

When comparing Lemon Lady’s and Kendrick’s top row of teeth, Dr. Sara concluded she didn’t think it was the same person due to a number of physical differences.

Dr. Sara then ruled out that Lemon Lady, based solely on teeth, could be Rachel McAdams, Emma Roberts, Brittany Snow, Dove Cameron, Katy Perry, Amy Schumer, Kristen Chenoweth, Billie Lourd, Elizabeth Olsen, Lily Collins, Kelsea Ballerini and comedian Iliza Shlesinger. She even also ruled out Tefi and Emma Chamberlain.

Dr. Sara noted that the closest guess that was suggested was Natasha Lyonne, but it still wasn’t an exact match.

One commenter highlighted by Dr. Sara pointed out that if Lemon Lady were famous, she would probably filter out her own name in the comments knowing that people were trying to figure out her identity. Dr. Sara also noted in another video that her goal is not to figure out who Lemon Lady is but to eliminate who Lemon Lady isn’t.

Why doesn’t everyone want to find out who’s behind Lemon Lady?

As with Deuxmoi and Enty, there’s an element of power and excitement that comes with reading an anonymous, mysterious news source.

The social media-first focus of these accounts doesn’t require following legal standards nor do they rely on the traffic clicks that legacy media publications have to deal with, so the gossip and story times are seemingly juicier. Anonymous tips — most unverified — or viral rumors and conspiracies fuel this amateur gossip industry and make it fun for followers to debate and pile on.

So for now, no, we still don’t know who is behind Lemon Lady. But do we really want to know?

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