Leigh-Anne Pinnock shows how super long her hair's grown while asking for curl advice

leigh anne pinnock long curls advice
Leigh-Anne seeks help with her super long curlsLia Toby - Getty Images

We were busy swooning over Leigh-Anne's curls at the Little Mix galz Christmas reunion catch up, and it looks even longer in her latest Instagram story. Growing curls to this length is no mean feat, and she's come along way since the X Factor styling team cut off all her hair and dyed it bright red to try and make a mini little Rihanna (her own take).

leigh anne pinnock long curl advice
Leigh-Anne Pinnock/ Instagram

Over the last few years, we've seen her gorgeous curls and spirals get longer and longer, which is at times hard to follow, thanks to flawless wigs and extensions. But in her latest Instagram story, Leigh-Anne shows her natural hair falling down toward her waist, asking fans for tips on a new hair routine and products she should try.

While it doesn't look to me like Leigh-Anne needs any advice, I wish she'd made it a grid post, so we could all see which products were getting a shout out.

This snap was taken just three years ago, and while straight-haired people may be like, 'well of course her hair has grown in all that time', please register that curls have to grow in loop-the-loops and three inches growth can result in only a couple cm length. Not to mention curly hair is more fragile and prone to breakage.

It can be really tricky to push past shoulder length with curls, as it's often the length past which even cared for ends become fragile and damaged, leading to breakage and plateaued growth. In short Leigh-Anne's hair deserves a medal.

I mean, just look at this Christmas snap with her fiancè André and their twin babies. Once I got over the cuteness of their hybrid 'Graynocks' name (I'm all for the pair both legally changing their names to this), all I could look at was her curls falling down her back.

Here's hoping she shares the answer she got, and then dishes out her own curly advice. I'll be taking notes.

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