Legacy of Ministry: Father-son duo graduates together from Fort Worth seminary school

FORT WORTH, Texas - A North Texas father-son duo walked the stage together as they graduated with a master’s degree in theology.

75-year-old Robert Sherman Evaul and his son, 37-year-old Robert Phillip Evaul, are furthering a family legacy of ministry and service to the less fortunate. The two attended Southwestern Baptist Theology Seminary in Fort Worth.

"My folks were missionaries in Columbia. I was born in Columbia and raised in the church," Robert Sherman explained. "They were there for quite a few years and then came back. And then the Lord called my wife and I to the field mission, the missionary field in Bolivia."

"I was born in Bolivia, so it’s kind of a third-generation thing," Robert Phillip explained. "My grandfather was a pastor, so then he’s a pastor now. And then it’s time for me to jump into those shoes, too, and pastoral ship and learning theology."

Together, the duo has served abroad as missionaries as well as within their small church in Dublin, Texas.

"We realized as we were working together that we could, well, Bobby did, that we could graduate together," said Robert Sherman. "I wasn’t planning on finishing. He said we could graduate together."

The idea of attaining a theology degree began organically.

Robert Phillip, who’s currently a school teacher, enrolled at SBTS and convinced his dad to restart his studies where he’d left off years ago.

Then, after years of studying together and encouraging one another, a revelation happened.

"A year ago, we figured out, ‘Hey, if you take these classes, and I take these classes, we can be here graduating at this moment,’" recalled Robert Phillip.

Walking across the stage together on Friday was an undeniably special moment for the father and son.

"I can’t believe I’m graduating with my dad with a theological degree," Robert Phillip said. "Both of us. Both of us together. Master’s degree."