Lebron James Releases 'More Than a Vote' Ad

In US news and current events today, Lebron James' More Than a Vote organization has released their first video ad supporting voting rights for Black Americans.

LeBron James recently launched a new organization aimed at protecting Black citizens from voter suppression and increasing Black voter turnout. For Black Lives Matter to mean anything, it must begin with ending the systemic Black disenfranchisement and Black voter suppression that is far too common in our democracy. As we saw in the recent Georgia primary, voting rights are still not equal across the country, as Black people and people face outrageous challenges to simply exercise their right to vote. Black voter suppression is one of the most disgusting yet widely practiced outrages that still exist in America, which is why Lebron James and other NBA stars like Trae Young, Skylar Diggins-Smith and Jalen Rose have formed the organization called More Than a Vote, to ensure that Black Votes Matter just as much as Black Lives.

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