LeBron James expresses support for Goodyear, hometown of Akron

The Lakers superstar - and Akron, Ohio native - stated his support for the company and hometown following President Trump's call for the tire manufacturer to be boycotted.

Video Transcript

LEBRON JAMES: I know, I know my people of Akron. And I know what Goodyear means for our city. So one thing about us, we-- we don't bend and we don't fold and we don't break for nobody. So I'm not worried about that.

Not only has Goodyear been great for my city, for the history of my city, but for the country and what they represented, it's unbelievable, unbelievable brand, unbelievable history. So we stand strong.

We always unite, especially my city. We've always felt like we've been counted out, you know, being a small city. And that's what rally us even more and makes us even stronger, so. Shout out, salute to all the workers, men and women, at Goodyear over the course of their history and to the city, the city of Akron.