LeBron James calls NBA Finals Game 4 ‘one of the biggest games of my career’

The Los Angeles Lakers star explains why he sent a pregame text message to his teammates before Tuesday night’s win, giving L.A. a 3-1 series lead over the Miami Heat.

Video Transcript

LEBRON JAMES: When I woke up from my nap this morning after our team meeting, I just-- I just felt that-- I felt that vibe. I felt that-- I felt that pressure. I felt like for me, personally, this is one of the biggest games of my career.

- Back out, Robinson-- stolen by James.


- James drives, goes inside.

LEBRON JAMES: --I to relay that message to my teammates the type of zone I was in, the type of moment it was.

- First points by LeBron.

LEBRON JAMES: Because I just know how great of a team and we're playing against. And after the game 3 win-- that confidence that they had, that they still have even after tonight's loss--

- --down the lane. Running layup-- it's good, and the foul!

LEBRON JAMES: They're just a gritty, so damn well-coached team. And I feel like do we want to be a championship ball club? Do we really want to be a championship team that we-- we got to-- we got to have that same grit and that same attitude. So I'm just-- it's just my mindset. I'm kind of still in it, obviously, and I'm-- it's my mind kind of working right now.