LeBron James on 2011 NBA Finals loss: ‘That s—t burns me to this day’

After leading the Lakers to a Game 1 win in the 2020 NBA Finals, the Los Angeles star explained why he thought back to a devastating loss in the 2011 championship series that cost ultimately cost him a title.

Video Transcript

- The best teacher in life is experience. And I've experienced moments in my career, Finals games, where you had all the momentum in the world. And you felt like you had the game under control. And one play here, or one play there, could change the course of a series, or change the course of a game. And one in particular that always rings home for me is Game 2 of the 2011 Finals, in Miami versus Dallas. D-Wade hits a 3 right by their bench. I believe put us up either 13 or 17. And, from that moment on, Dallas went on a hell of a run. And finished it off with a Dirk Nowitzki left-hand layup to steal that game. That shit burns me to this day. So I always talk about the best teacher life is experience. So I've experienced a lot. So that's what prompts me to be who I am today. Is being able to have those experiences.