Will LeBron fans be mad if AD wins NBA Finals MVP? | Dunk Bait

The NBA Finals, Heat vs. Lakers Game 1 wrapped last night, and one of the questions we received on Dunk Bait Live, "would Lebron Fans be upset if AD got finals MVP?

Video Transcript

JOSIAH JOHNSON: Sageandhoneyy wants to know, real talk, though, fellas, will LBJ fans be mad if AD won Finals MVP? No, we're-- we want a championship. We're not tripping on none of that chicanery. We wanted LeBron to put up numbers. We knew this was what was it designed for.

We want AD to come back. AD, come back. And then next year, once-- once the jig is up, LeBron will get that Finals MVP next year, once we get AD locked up, long-term.

LeBron knows what he's doing, giving up the jersey number. Come on, you know what's cracking. We're trying to keep Mr. Davis happy.

LAJETHRO JENKINS: Another Finals MVP doesn't do anything for Bron's legacy. It's just the chip. Whether he wins it or not, it doesn't-- he doesn't gain or lose from it. The chip is what he's going after, bro. And you see him arguing, up 17, about people not playing defense.

You know what I'm saying? [INAUDIBLE] in the game. He wants this, bro. And he ain't playing. I haven't seen Bron yell like that on the court, for real, maybe since-- I haven't seen Bron that frustrated since JR Smith, you know, forgot the time on the clock-- shot-- you know, on the clock.

You know what I mean? Or, no, the score, forgot the score. You know what I mean? Like that's the last time I've seen him that frustrated.

But, bro, the dude is-- I mean, he's tapped in. He ain't even really press the gas like that. We ain't even see Bron really, really, really press the gas. You feel me?


LAJETHRO JENKINS: I mean, good game. Good game for them boys. KCP stepped up--

JOSIAH JOHNSON: I'm sure Bron has a 40-point game in it.


JOSIAH JOHNSON: I said Bron got a 40-point game in him this Finals. I don't know when he's going to bring it out. But, really, he's facilitating, getting everybody else involved. Getting AD going early, I think, is smart.

Because he knows, at any point, when he feels like getting buckets, that's just what it's going to be. Who's going to lock him? Tyler Herro, Jimmy Butler? Don't think so. Who's stopping them?

ZACH SCHWARTZ: He was one assist-- he was one assist from the triple-double tonight.

LAJETHRO JENKINS: Yeah, I mean that's--

JOSIAH JOHNSON: There was a lot of--

LAJETHRO JENKINS: --the whole [INAUDIBLE] all year. That's the role he's been playing all year. What were you saying Schwartz?

ZACH SCHWARTZ: The whole [MUTED]-- the whole [MUTED] of, oh, if LeBron doesn't win this, it affects how I look at his legacy, it's just [MUTED] nonsense.

LAJETHRO JENKINS: Eh, I mean, if he doesn't-- bro, Bron got to win.

ZACH SCHWARTZ: --with that. What?

LAJETHRO JENKINS: Bron got to win this. Bron got to win this.

ZACH SCHWARTZ: Oh, yeah, I want him to. But like--

LAJETHRO JENKINS: I mean, he's still my GOAT. But like, bro, like, come on. That's a- that's a--


LAJETHRO JENKINS: He got to beat this Heat team. We saw-- we saw what the Lakers can do tonight. You know what I mean?

They were up-- they were up-- they were up 30 at one point. And it-- it was a cakewalk. If they lose this, that's-- they blew it. You know what I mean?


LAJETHRO JENKINS: Like we can't-- we can't act like. You know, and when does Bron-- you know, like we said, Bron doesn't lose when he's a favorite, other than 2011. You feel me? But, you know what I'm saying--


LAJETHRO JENKINS: --like, hey, that was ugly, bro. You feel me? Most-- most disappointed I've ever been in a player in my life. But ever since then, he's always showed up.

But, yeah, bro, like he-- and he knows it. He knows it. He knows it. That's why he was yelling at people about switching, defensively, up 17 with three minutes left.