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Video Transcript

LAJETHRO JENKINS: Welcome to "Dunk Bait," where we talk mostly basketball. Today we'll be talking KCP cooking, LeBron and AD, and predictions for game five.

ZACH SCHWARTZ: Oh, my god. I couldn't take the-- I couldn't take the third and fourth of this game. I was losing my mind. Hey, where should-- hey, Josiah, where do you think the Lakers should build the KCP statue?

JOSIAH JOHNSON: Honestly, tonight KCP, once again-- I think KCP saw the Kuz slander, he saw the Danny Green slander. He said, you know what? You guys slandered me early on, Lakers fans, but I overcame. This man was on house arrest at one point in his life. He's not concerned about your slander, OK? He's ready to get buckets, ready at any moment for whatever. But dude, I mean-- I get so nervous, and it's nerve-wracking watching these games, because it's such careless play with the ball, which you wouldn't expect from LeBron.


JOSIAH JOHNSON: After game three, like, all right, you got that out your system bro, after the zero turnover game in game two. But to come back out tonight and it's just like, ew, dog. Like, five turnovers in the first quarter?

LAJETHRO JENKINS: First half, wasn't it? Or was this the first quarter? Was it the first quarter?

JOSIAH JOHNSON: He had, like, four or five-- honestly, he had, like, four or five in the third quarter.


JOSIAH JOHNSON: To the point where it was like, bro, give up the rock. Let Caruso run the show for a little bit.

LAJETHRO JENKINS: It was a tight game. Bron looked kind of-- kind of shaky in the beginning. People [INAUDIBLE] like it was 2011. Now, I didn't necessarily agree with that, but they were saying to my man, you know, it was in his head a little bit. Missing bunnies. Turning the rock over. You know, it wasn't pretty, but he turned it around. What, dude-- what do we say? Was that a Bron game, or an AD game? Because AD looked really tough at the end of the game.

JOSIAH JOHNSON: I mean, LeBron game, no doubt. I think AD kind of disappeared again for a moment, but I think LeBron came through. When he was hitting free throws. I'm just saying, you know-- you know LeBron James is not a free throw making African-American in this country. So he had-- he had issues with them free throws, all right? I'm just saying-- but for him to come through in the fourth, knock down those shots-- still, with the rock, he looks real shaky. I like that they gave Rondo the pill a lot more in the second half.

LAJETHRO JENKINS: Off ball. Had him off ball.

JOSIAH JOHNSON: LeBron had a couple of nasty lobs in the first quarter. Just stuff that, you know, traditionally when he gets in the flow, he can knock down. But it was just looking super, super dusty. Oh-- there we go. Brighten up--

LAJETHRO JENKINS: That ring light? That ring light? Yes, sir.

JOSIAH JOHNSON: I wasn't really looking as magnificent as I normally do.

LAJETHRO JENKINS: Got that halo going. But yeah, like-- yeah, he was, like, the post feeds, and-- yeah, like, I mean, there was a number of times-- like, when he just lost the ball at one point, handling it. I'm like-- but we've talked about this. Bron off ball is the best Bron. You know what I'm saying? And they had some good action with him in the mid-- in the mid post. I keep talking about that, but it's true.

You know, they had him-- I mean, you know, I like that. People cutting off ball. That's what we need out of LeBron. That little fade he hit to the baseline, though-- that man landed in my living room after he hit that joint. That was beautiful.

My man said-- my man said you are the hot spot, Schwartz.

ZACH SCHWARTZ: Bro, anything-- anything--

LAJETHRO JENKINS: You on your folks' internet?

ZACH SCHWARTZ: [BLEEP] better than this.

LAJETHRO JENKINS: Bro, man, you-- maybe you should use your phone next time? You know what I mean? Like, use your phone as a hot spot. You got an iPhone.

JOSIAH JOHNSON: You got the original trial Wi-Fi?

LAJETHRO JENKINS: Trial Wi-Fi. Yeah, hey, he left us! What, you on-- you on your phone? You on your phone now?

ZACH SCHWARTZ: No. This is the last time I'm doing this--

LAJETHRO JENKINS: Hey, Zach, use my Prodigy account. Bob's back in! Zach's dad is back in!


LAJETHRO JENKINS: He's back in the chat!

The finals haven't, you know, been as exciting, but these last couple games have been interesting. You know what I'm saying? So I really hope it's over after Friday, though. I don't want to-- you know, let's-- let's get the chip in, and prepare for next year. Real Benjamin, Lakers sending Draco Malfoy home next game. It's a wrap. And I-- we talking about Tyer right there.


LAJETHRO JENKINS: We talking about-- we talking about this guy. Can we talk about this guy? You know what I'm saying?

ZACH SCHWARTZ: Hey, yeah, let's blame someone else in here that's not me or my internet, huh?

JOSIAH JOHNSON: Who should we blame? Who should we blame?

LAJETHRO JENKINS: All right, that was fun clowning Zach's internet.

ZACH SCHWARTZ: Always. Always so fun. I'm so glad to be here, guys. Thank you.

LAJETHRO JENKINS: That's the end of the show. I'm LaJethro Jenkins.


ZACH SCHWARTZ: Zach Schwartz. Have a great night, everybody.