Leatherworker revives Red Wing boots with new sole and dye job

Awl Together Leather is Canada's first and only queer- and woman-owned shoe-repair and custom-leather workshop. Co-owner Ariss walks us through how they update a pair of Red Wing boots to fit their style. Ariss starts by removing the sole, then dyes the shoe from brown to black. After the layers of dye have dried, Ariss applies a fresh sole to the shoe and sands it to the perfect size. This update extends the life of the shoe and customizes it to fit their style. Ariss says although transforming old shoes to fit your current style is a bit of work, it's a great alternative to fast fashion and contributes to a circular economy. For more, check out: https://awltogetherleather.ca/ https://www.instagram.com/awltogetherleather/