From leather cowboy boots to fringed jackets, these are the staple items you need to style the western trend

If you're on the hunt for must have items to style the perfect western look, check out these need-to-know fashion tips from our fashion expert.

Video Transcript

- Hey there, and welcome to "In the Know, Teach Me How." I'm Melanie, and today I'm going to teach you how to style the western trend. Normally, we have a guest, but honestly, most of these pieces are from my own closet, so this just made sense. So here are the pieces that I feel are must haves-- first up, we have to start with these one and only beautiful boots from Lacchese. These cowboy boots are a must have if you want to style the western trend. They are so fun. They're so easy. And most importantly, they are so, so comfortable.

Once you've moved on from your boots, which obviously you need, you have to throw in a beautiful western-styled cowboy hat. It has this awesome upturned brim. It's got super great structure. I think it just looks and feels so lux. And now we have a little something called fringe. Put this on-- you're going to be cozy and warm, and you're also going to be so stylish. This baby is from a company called Wrangler, and I bought this off Boot Barn, which is basically one of my favorite places to go.

And now we have two different fringe bags that are just so easy to take with you. This one's a personal favorite because it has all these beautiful geometric shapes. This is a fantastic bag you can just throw right on over your shoulder any time and just feel fabulous. These are the pieces that you need in order to style the western trend. I'm Melanie, and this has been "In the Know, Teach Me How." We'll see you next time. Probably be wearing this hat, in case you're looking for me. I do stand out in a crowd, don't I?