At Least Half Of 'Bachelor' Joey Graziadei's Hometown Dates Ended In Tears

all the 'bachelor' spoilers for joey graziadei's hometown dates
Bachelor Joey Graziadei's Hometown Dates SpoilersGilbert Carrasquillo - Getty Images
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Fasten your seatbelts and make sure your trays are in the upright position. It’s time for The Bachelor’s leading man, Joey Graziadei, to embark on his hometown dates.

The 28-year-old reality star has narrowed his picks to four ladies: Daisy Kent, Kelsey Anderson, Rachel Nance, and Maria Georgas.

Now, he’ll travel with them to their hometowns to meet their families as the tennis pro continues his journey to find ~the one~. The rest of us will watch as drama ensues. And, of course, we find out who ends up with Joey and who may be in the running to be our next Bachelorette.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead! Stop right here if you don't want to know what happens.

Still here? Good. Keep reading for what you need to know about the hometown dates:

What is a hometown date?

A hometown date is Bachelor-nation speak for, essentially, taking the final four contestants to the next level. And the logistics are exactly as you may expect. The Bachelor travels to the four remaining contestant’s hometowns, in most cases, to meet their family and see where they grew up.

Who gets a hometown date this season?

Here are the final four:

  • Daisy Kent

  • Kelsey Anderson

  • Rachel Nance

  • Maria Georgas

Where are the hometowns?

Daisy, 25, comes from Becker, Minnesota. Fans may remember her entrance onto the show, where she rolled up to Bach Mansion in a red pickup truck with a Christmas tree in the back. Well, that’s because she grew up on a Christmas tree farm, which Joey will visit in the episode.

Rachel, 26, comes from Honolulu, Hawaii, where she works as an ICU nurse. She will take Joey home to say "Aloha!" to her nearest and dearest.

Kelsey, 25, lives in New Orleans (remember that voodoo doll she kissed?) so she’ll take Joey down South.

Maria, 29, lives in Ontario, Canada, where she takes Joey home.

What happens during the hometown dates?

Per the trailers and spoilers from Reality Steve, Joey gets quite a bit of grilling from all of the families—especially from Maria’s dad. To be fair, she did warn Joey that her father “is not going to make it easy.” And he proves that to be true.

“Maria is 100% daddy’s girl,” her father says, per Bustle. “If she gets hurt, it would be a problem for Joey.”

Who leaves the show after hometowns?

Fan fave Maria is eliminated after the hometown dates, per Reality Steve. However, he doesn't give details on what happens between Maria and Joey in Canada.

Another clue: Maria doesn’t appear in promotional footage for the rest of the season, which could mean that she leaves before Fantasy Suites in Tulum, Mexico.

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