Learning to Practice Patience: A Sound Bath Meditation With Sharina Gutierrez

Sharina Gutierrez.<p>Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images and Mama Mantra</p>
Sharina Gutierrez.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images and Mama Mantra

Welcome to Mama Mantra Mondays with Sharina Gutierrez! Throughout the next five weeks, the 2024 SI Swimsuit rookie will lead a sound bath meditation focused on a specific mantra or affirmation to help center the mind and hone the energy for the week to come. By the end of January, you’ll have the tools necessary to help create the life you desire.

Model, mother and sound guide Sharina Gutierrez is back for the third installment of Mama Mantra Mondays, and this week, it’s all about patience. So far, the 2023 Swim Search co-winner has taught us how to establish a foundation of gratitude and create space for abundance.

While last week’s sound bath meditation and associated mantras allowed participants to create space for fulfilling their destiny, today’s lesson reminds us that we must practice patience along the journey to our dreams.

“Once you’re learning to create these abundant things in your life, you want them to come in so fast, you want them to happen right away, but that’s not how the universe works,” Gutierrez explains. “Like for me, it took 21 years to become an SI [Swimsuit] rookie. So, I feel like that third step is so important, of learning to be patient, and affirmations and mantras are such a helpful tool with helping people to learn to be patient for the things that they’re actually calling in and attracting into their life.”

Episode 3: Patience

When you begin manifesting the future you desire, it’s understandable to want your dreams to come to fruition rather quickly. However, Gutierrez notes that having patience is simply part of the process.

“The patience part allows you to rest [and] allows you to understand that what you’re building is going to manifest,” she adds. “[As for] when it’s going to manifest, you just have to trust in divine timing.”

Below, join Gutierrez in setting this week’s intention of practicing patience.

“I am patient / I am secure with the decisions I am making in life / What is meant for me is manifesting for me in divine timing / I know I am deserving / I know that’s what meant for me is mine / My heart is at peace because I am filled with patience and love / I am patient.”

Tune in next Monday, Jan. 22, as Gutierrez returns with her fourth episode, which is themed around success.

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