Learn How to Tie Your Scarf Into a Top 15 Different Ways (TYVM, TikTok)

You can no longer own a scarf and say you're bored - sorry, we won't allow it. Not when TikTok users are exhibiting their extraordinary styling prowess left and right, coming up with some of the best bandana top outfits we've ever seen. As soon as you watch one person tie a knot or two and suddenly create the cutest backless look ever, you'll be running to your closet to do the same. Even if you've seen some of the usual tactics already (the scarf tucked around the edge of a strapless bra or the makeshift halter, just to name some popular trends), there's more where that came from. If you have a shoelace or a chainlink necklace lying around, for example, you can construct some pretty stellar variations of the scarf top, and all of these will score you compliments. One scroll through the videos we curated, and you'll be a scarf top tying master. Here's warning: people will be begging to learn your tricks as soon as you walk outside.

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