Le Creuset Just Dropped a Gorgeous Spring Collection—and Everything Is Under $50

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a collage of some of the items in the Le Creuset spring collection
a collage of some of the items in the Le Creuset spring collection

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It's only natural to look toward spring's warmth and bloom after months of cold days. And one great way to kickstart the incoming season is to add some bright kitchen pieces to your space.

Thankfully, Le Creuset just launched its newest spring collection that's inspired by the growth of fresh flowers each year. While Le Creuset is often known as a luxury brand with durable, high-performing kitchenware, you can shop all of the collection's pieces at prices below $50.

From flower-shaped spoon rests to petal-inspired vases, this collection is guaranteed to add a bit of blossom in your kitchen, even before spring arrives.

Le Creuset Spring Collection 2023

While there are a few functional additions to the spring lineup, you can also snap up pieces to add a decorative pop to your kitchen or dining space. The flower vase is a stunning option that comes in six popular Le Creuset colors, like Caribbean-inspired blue, light shell pink and Provence, a lavender purple. The 6-inch tall vase starts with a plump bottom and tapers up into a petal-like design, making it the perfect size and shape for flower arrangements or freshly picked herbs.

- $40 Available at Le Creuset

The brand also recommends using it as a way to store dressings and sauces for serving, and it's easy to clean by hand or by popping right into the dishwasher.

You can also pick up these $32 plant pots. They're the perfect way to decorate the kitchen using what spring is known for—herbs. The 5 1/2-inch pot comes with a base plate for catching runoff water and keeping roots moist. Pick from bright nectar yellow, a rich cool-toned green or go the more neutral route with an oyster gray or creamy white—all feature a chip- and scratch-resistant glaze.

- $32 Available at Le Creuset

Regardless of the color, they're the perfect way to add a bit of greenery to the space even before the trees start to bud themselves.

If you prefer to pick up some of Le Creusert cookware, these mini cocottes might just be the seasonal twist you're looking for. The lid has a sunflower-like design embossed perfectly on top to add an extra twist, plus it comes in various colors to add even more brightness.

- $32 Available at Le Creuset

Since they're crafted from stoneware, these cocottes can go right into the broiler or oven up to 500℉, making them the perfect vessel for seasonal fruit cobblers, baked individual casseroles and more. You can also use them to serve dips and sauces, or just pop salt in one of them for daily use. Regardless of what goes inside, the nonstick coating makes them easy to clean, and they're dishwasher-safe, too.

- $36 Available at Le Creuset

If sweets are more your thing, this cakelet pan is a cute way to bake spring-inspired treats. Each individual cup has a flower design that'll imprint on your food, and you'll also be able to grab it with an Easter egg design, too. Since they're made from carbon steel, they have optimal heat retention for anything from sweet sponge cakes to savory cornbread, and the nonstick coating results in a quick, easy release and cleanup.

- $32 Available at Le Creuset

Along with the flower vases, embossed cocottes and flower-patterned cakelet pan, a flower-shaped spoon rest is also available to grab for just $32. It has a similar design to the cocottes, and the flower petals at the dish's edge will conveniently hug the handle of your utensil.

For those of us craving the wave of a new, brighter season, these Le Creuset pieces couldn't have come soon enough. Add pops of color like yellow, blue, purple or even pink to your kitchen with any of these pieces, along with nature-inspired options to add a bit of blossom into your space, too.