LD Systems Launches MAUI G3 MIX Models

 The LD Systems MAUI G3 MIX models with integrated mixer in black and white. .
The LD Systems MAUI G3 MIX models with integrated mixer in black and white. .

LD Systems recently expanded the With the MAUI G3 series with the MAUI 11 G3 MIX and MAUI 28 G3 MIX models, which further extend the application possibilities of the MAUI G3 with the integrated digital six-channel mixer, professional effects, and convenient wireless remote control via smartphone or tablet. This makes the MAUI G3 MIX—which debuted at NAMM—an all-in-one solution for all artists who don't want to bring a separate mixing console to their live gigs.

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The MAUI G3 MIX series combines all components for flexible live use: mixing console, effects, dynamics processing, DSP controller, power amplifiers and speakers. The integrated digital 6-channel mixer offers four XLR/line combo inputs for connecting microphones, line devices or high-impedance instruments (Hi-Z available on channels 1 + 2), supplemented by a stereo Bluetooth connection on channels 5 + 6. In addition to the SYSTEM OUT for connecting an additional subwoofer or other equipment, two MONITOR outputs are available for connecting up to two monitors and supplying each monitor with its own mix. Two MAUI G3 MIX can be connected via the SysLink connection to double the number of channels. The variety of connections is rounded off by a footswitch input for hands-free effects control.

The mixer settings can be adjusted manually via the control element on the rear of the subwoofer, as well as fully remote-controlled. For this purpose, LD Systems offers a free app (iOS/Android) for smartphones and tablets, which provides full access to the mixer channels, monitor channels and the comprehensive effects section with reverb, delay and dynamics tools. A parametric 5-band EQ is available. Depending on requirements, the complete app control of the mixer can be operated in Easy or Expert mode.

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The MAUI 28 G3 MIX is based on 12-inch subwoofers with 2,060 W (peak) and two aluminum column elements with twelve 3.5-inch midrange drivers, which are designed as cardioid loudspeakers and enable controlled sound dispersion. The MAUI 11 G3 MIX uses two 8'-inch subwoofers with 1,460 W (peak) and six 3.5-inch midrange drivers. Both models feature phase plugs in front of the midrange drivers which, in combination with the two 1-inch tweeters, ensure even sound distribution with constant horizontal dispersion (120x30 degrees). Equipped with the latest DynX DSP generation, the subwoofers offer extended and distortion-free reproduction even at maximum volume down to 37 Hz (MAUI 28 G3 MIX) or 39 Hz (MAUI 11 G3 MIX). When using a second subwoofer, the bass range can be operated in cardioid configuration at the touch of a button (preset).