Lay’s Just Released Chips That Taste Like Doritos Cool Ranch, Funyuns Onion, and Cheetos Cheese

Photo credit: Frito-Lay
Photo credit: Frito-Lay

A few months ago, pictures began popping up online showing that Lay’s was going into uncharted territory: Releasing chips that are flavored like other chips. Let us explain. The Frito-Lay Lay’s Doritos Cool Ranch Chips look like the classic, thin Lay’s, but taste like Doritos. Not only is this really happening, but there are two other flavors rolling out soon.

Aside from the Doritos Cool Ranch-flavored Lay’s — we’re still trying to wrap our minds around them — the company is also using Cheetos and Funyuns flavors. The Lay’s Cheetos Cheese-Flavored Chips are just that, Lay’s chips that taste like cheesy Cheetos. Last, but certainly not least, are the Lay’s Wavy Funyuns Onion-Flavored Chips, so you’ll get the rings’ flavor in a whole new way.

Now you might be wondering why we need chips that taste like other chips when they’re indeed already a form of chips. Fair! We get it! Texture certainly plays a part in how you experience food, so who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy Doritos and Cheetos when they’re thinner. And those onion-flavored rings are great and all, but maybe, just maybe, Funyuns will taste even better in wavy chip form. At the very least, you already know that you like Doritos, Cheetos, and Funyuns, so there won’t be any surprises with what you’re getting in that aspect.

As indicated on the packaging, all three of these Lay’s chips are available for a limited time. They’re listed on Target’s website, among others, which means it’s only a matter of time until they make their way to a store near you. You’ll be able to get them in 7.75-ounce (Doritos and Cheetos) and 7.5-ounce (Funyuns) bags, as well as individual 2.63-ounce bags for easy snacking.

Lay’s is making it clear that new flavors aren’t the only way to grab our attention. Sometimes it’s a matter of making an old treat new again!

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