How to lay your dining table like Kelly Wearstler – hint: it's all about the layering

 Dining table by large windows overlooking garden
Dining table by large windows overlooking garden

Anything Kelly Wearstler puts her name to gets my full attention. The designer, known for her multi-faceted, experiential designs in residential, hospitality, commercial, and retail environments as well as for her expansive collections of lifestyle product designs and brand collaborations, never ceases to surprise with her creativity and unique flair.

Kelly’s latest venture sees the launch of a tableware collection in partnership with Belgian design brand Serax, known for creating contemporary homeware in collaboration with leading international designers and makers.

I knew this would be made for the modern home, and I was right. The designer is known for pushing the boundaries of form, materiality, and inspiration, and this latest project explores abstract implementations of materials across two very different collections: Zuma and Dune.

Comprising a conversation between past and present, Zuma alludes to modern and historic technology, while Dune marries the materiality and forms of the natural world. True to Kelly’s design vocabulary, expect to see rich color pairings and unexpected patterns. Here is everything you should know, and the must-have pieces to get.

Kelly Wearstler x Serax Zuma collection

Tableware is burnt orange

The Zuma collection showcases patterns alluding to futuristic vector grids. For the porcelain tableware, Kelly Wearstler's stripped down a digital graphic pattern to convey a hand-painted feel, creating a balance between technology and craft.

There is a playful spirit to this collection and an ease to mix and match the patterns, colors, and shapes at your own will and imagination. The merging of both past and present, the futuristic grid patterns of the porcelain are complemented by stemware that draws upon amber tones found in ancient glass from across the globe.

Zuma 7.5" Bowl

Price: $156 for a set of 4

A futuristic 3D vector grid seamlessly blends with traditional shapes in this chic collection that will instantly elevate your dinner setting game.

Zuma 13" Plate

Price: $300 for a set of 4

Start with this plate as your base, then continue stacking different patterns and colors from the collection on top.

Zuma Tumbler Small

Price: $104 for a set of 4

This is such a beautiful object to display on your diner table - but don't just keep it for special occasions. It looks too good to not be used and admired regularly.

Kelly Wearstler x Serax Dune collection

white tableware

This collection references the natural world with corrugated motifs that are repeated across both glassware and flatware, with beautiful two-tone finishes of matte and high gloss.

A signature of the designer is mixed materiality, and in this collection, the use of marble for the serveware anchors the tablescape and sits effortlessly next to references to the natural world incorporating relaxed, organic wood serving piece. The collection beautifully rounds out the elemental family of ceramic, stone, glass, and metal tableware and will be a worthy investment for an elevated dining room decor.

Dune Vase

Price: $646

This vase is an investment piece. It's unusual in form and inspired by nature in its materiality, and it definitely is a timeless design object.

Dune Tray Set, Medium

Price: $339

The natural wood tones of this tray will be a beautiful addition to your table next to the other textures of the collection, and its organic shape gives it a unique look.

Dune Coffee Cup & Saucer

Price: $156 for a set of 4

The form of this cup is unique but gives a nod to traditional white ceramics. It has a two-tone composition, blending the velvety allure of matte ceramics with the exquisite sheen of high gloss.