In-laws who shocked us in 2022

Navigating relationships with in-laws is a topic so universal it deserves its own film genre. So it’s not surprising that dealing with difficult in-laws has generated a ton of online content. Between unsolicited advice, unreasonable requests, judgmental remarks, and other shocking behavior, mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters-in-law were on a roll in 2022. Here are 5 in-laws whose outrageous behavior shocked us the most in 2022.

1. New mom is enraged when mother-in-law accuses 5-month-old of ‘manipulating’ her with his cries

A mom took to Reddit to vent her frustrations about her in-laws accusing her 5-month-old baby of “manipulating” her into picking him up by crying. The final straw for the new mom came when she tried explaining to her mother-in-law that babies don’t know how to be manipulative, only to be scoffed at in return. Enraged by the encounter and the many others leading up to it, the mom vowed to never ignore her maternal instincts again.

2. Mom-to-be is shocked when mother-in-law announces her rainbow baby on Facebook: ‘Am I crazy?’

In a Reddit post that angered many parents, a mom-to-be shared that her mother-in-law announced her pregnancy on Facebook before she and her partner had the chance to announce it themselves. Being that this is the couple’s “first successful pregnancy after a miscarriage,” they were especially excited to share the news and were understandably upset when that opportunity was taken from them.

3. Homeowner kicks out sister-in-law for touching garden: ‘I told her to pack her bags’

Conflict with in-laws isn’t just constrained to parental relations. Relationships between siblings-in-law can also be a source of friction, like when this woman’s sister-in-law broke her one major house rule. The woman explained in a Reddit post that she agreed to let her sister-in-law stay at her house while separating from her brother on the condition that she never touches her garden. Despite her sister-in-law’s promise to obey this rule, the woman caught her picking roses after arriving home early from work one day. Furious that her sister-in-law had crossed the one boundary she had set in place, the woman sent her packing.

4. Man dumbfounded by in-laws’ ‘disrespectful’ international vacation request: ‘You have every right to say no’

Cultural differences are another common issue that comes into play when dealing with in-laws and their expectations. In a post to Reddit’s “Am I the A****** (AITA)” forum, a French man living in the U.S. with his American wife wanted to know if he was being unreasonable for refusing his brother and sister in-laws’ request to take their 17-year-old daughter with them on their four-week trip to his sister’s farm in France. He explained that he finds his niece’s behavior inconsiderate compared to how his sister and her family operate and that the cultural gap would be too wide for the situation to work for anyone involved, which did not go over well with his in-laws.

5. Mother-in-law secretly serves meat to her pregnant vegetarian daughter-in-law

Messing with someone’s dietary restrictions is never a good idea. However, one mother-in-law didn’t seem to get the memo after years of serving meat dishes to her daughter-in-law, who she’s well aware is a vegetarian. Now a new mom-to-be, the woman explained in a post on Reddit that her mother-in-law served her pork meatballs which she initially claimed were vegetarian. Not only did the pregnant woman get sick from eating meat for the first time in 20 years, but the incident now has her worried about how her mother-in-law’s behavior will impact her child’s relationship with his grandmother.

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