Laverne Cox shares revealing swimsuit video: 'No makeup, no filter, no problem'

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Laverne Cox is unfiltered – baring her soul in an intimate new podcast and sharing her “no makeup” swimsuit video on Instagram.

On Monday night, the 48-year-old actress and activist shared an Instagram video of herself rocking a strappy one-piece swimsuit. “No makeup, no filter, no problem,” she wrote with hashtags, in promotion of The Laverne Cox Show, a podcast she co-produced with Shondaland Audio and iHeartRadio.

The weekly show, which debuted Feb. 4, will allow Cox the opportunity “to have conversations similar to the ones I’m having in private that I’m not seeing happen publicly” she said in the episode. “We are talking everything from dating while trans, dating while a Black woman, dating while over 40 — a lot of dating — but also trauma resilience, beauty standards and social capital, Beyoncé, you name it.”

Cox kicked it off with thought leader, “shame researcher” and New York Times bestselling author Brené Brown in a conversation (recorded in November) on political and racial division. Brown admitted that she lost many white female fans when she supported and interviewed President Joe Biden for an October episode of her podcast Unlocking Us and spoke of “pervasive dehumanization” by the Trump administration and “the ongoing betrayal of Black women by white women.”

The women then discussed how physical beauty, connected to patriarchy and capitalism, is a short-term currency. “What’s so sad, is if that is what we’ve based our existence on, as women of all races, that when the rug is pulled out from under us...we find out our husband is cheating, we find out we don’t have that same capital anymore because we’ve capitulated to patriarchy and white supremacy and they’re very much connected,” Cox said, with Brown agreeing, “It’s a deal with the devil himself.”

National unity, said Brown, depends both on combating the coronavirus pandemic and creating physical and emotional safety for victims of gender, economic or racial violence, by holding their perpetrators accountable. “If you incited terror in a single person with the goal of scaring everyone that belonged to that group, you would be classified as a domestic terrorist,” she said.

Cox ended their Q&A by asking Brown, “What else is true?” to which she answered, “I make a lot of mistakes, I’m often afraid but...I am proud of my willingness to always try to do the next right thing.”

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