Are Lauren & Orion Still Together From Married at First Sight S17?

If you’re caught up with the reality TV show, you might be wondering are Lauren and Orion still together from Married at First Sight season 17? The Lifetime TV show was created in July 2014 on FYI. The premise derives from the Danish TV show Gift Ved Første Blik. The first season took place in New York City and New Jersey and showed off three couples, who like the show describes, are married when they first meet each other.

The couples then spend time together on their honeymoon and spend eight weeks together living a family lifestyle. After eight weeks, they get to decide whether they want to divorce or stay together on Decision Day. There are several experts on the show that examine the couples’ compatibility with each other. For season 17, experts Pastor Cal and Dr. Pepper and are reunited in the host city of Denver, Colorado, along with Dr. Pia, who joins the show as a full-time expert.

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Talking to E! News, Dr. Pepper Schwartz revealed the tedious process of making the couples. Hundreds of people apply to the show and the experts go to churches, bars, dating apps or anywhere that people meet to “make the prospective pool as big as people.” There’s more steps to the vetting process including a meet-and-greet, several interview sessions and psychological and background checks. The final step is a home visit from Dr. Pepper.

“My hope was that we would be able to support these people and help them grow into better versions of themselves by bringing out skills to the process, by matching them through science and maybe this really could work and it could work even beyond helping these people grow and get more information about themselves, but to give them skills. And to augment what we hoped was already thought was a good match according to our scientific tools. And the more we went on, the more I believed in it because I could see people listen and learn and it was fascinating and wonderful. She continued, “It worked out beyond my wildest fantasies.”

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Pastor Cal told the site about his views on marriage on the show. “I’ve learned and tell couples now that marriage doesn’t work—people work. And quite often, we want the marriage to work,” he said. “Sometimes we want to blame the marriage and say the marriage is not working, but it’s you. You’re not working. You’re not doing the things that are necessary. You’re not communicating and not being vulnerable. You got to be kind. You got to be honest. And you’re gonna have to put in the time and don’t give up too quickly.”

Since its premiere, the show’s overall success rate of marriages after the show is 20 percent. So are Lauren and Orion still together from Married at First Sight season 17? Read more below to find out.

Who’s still together from Married at First Sight season 17?

In the trailer for season 17, one bride tells the camera: “I’m getting married to a rando,” then asks: “What did I get myself into?” A man is heard saying, “If you don’t want to do this, we’ll get you out of here.” Wedding bells play, then a voiceover says: “For the first time in Married at First Sight history, five brides go to the altar but only four come out married.” Here’s who’s still together from Married at First Sight season 17.

Season 17 of Married at First Sight premieres Wednesday, Oct. 18 at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime. Here’s how to watch it for free.

Are Lauren & Orion Still Together From Married at First Sight Season 17?

Status: Unknown.

Are Lauren and Orion still together from Married at First Sight season 17? Not sure. We can’t locate them on social media. But they have got fans curious as far as the experts are concerned, they’ll be the ones to “make it” so that sounds promising!

In a teaser clip supplied to ET, Lauren candidly shared her thoughts on her sexuality, saying, “I’m not really big on labels, but I would say if I had to identify as anything it would be queen. I love men. I enjoy women, but I really just want to be married to a man.”

Meanwhile, Orion said during his confessional. “If my potential spouse identified as queer, it wouldn’t bother me. In Navajo tribes, we have a coming of two souls, masculine and feminine,” he says. “I have explored that feminine side when it came to going on a date with a man, but that was also like the door where it was like, ‘I’m not gay.’ You know, things like that. I feel like if you don’t explore those, or you don’t explore your own curiosity, it’s just too binding.”

The show’s host Kevin Frazier asked a panel in a special episode titled Kicking Off Denver how Orion and Lauren might fare. “With this particular couple, I think they might be able to explore those interests together, because maybe in other circumstances she was paired with another guy there’d be no way. But if they’re communicating and they’re honest, and they both understand, who’s to say what they might go off and do and play with and explore.” Another panelist added, “I think this couple is going to make it. There’s no doubt he’s going to appreciate all she brings with her fluidity.”

However, a teaser suggested that maybe there’s trouble ahead. “I think it is really amazing how well we got matched together by the experts,” Orion observed, but then the tone totally shifted. “I don’t feel comfortable with the fact that… you know… you did sleep with somebody else,” he says in a different scene with Lauren, who admits, “I did.”

While nobody uses the word “cheat”, it does suggest there could be some trust issues between them. “I did feel myself falling for him and now I’m just like, well… what the f—?” In another scene, Orion is shown saying: “I am just really feeling quite broken.”

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