Lauren Hutton, 78, strips down for a new bra campaign — but says she never wore one herself 'until I was 50'

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Lauren Hutton is appearing in a risqué lingerie ad for CUUP, while admitting that she's never been fond of wearing underwear herself.

The 78-year-old stripped down for the brand's latest campaign, showing off a few signature bra styles. While speaking with Vogue about the partnership, however, she admitted that she didn't wear bras for most of her life.

Lauren Hutton strips down for a lingerie campaign. (Photo: Getty Images)
Lauren Hutton strips down for a lingerie campaign. (Photo: Getty Images)

"I never wore bras until I was 50," she told the publication. "I didn’t need them. Around 50 — or maybe it was 47 — I got a hold of an underwire bra, I think in Paris. And I picked one up, and I put one on, and I suddenly looked 30."

It still wasn't love at first wear for the model and actress, who felt uncomfortable in the bras that were available to her. "Around 60, I started taking them off in the backs of cabs, covertly, so the drivers couldn’t see. I’d unsnap them, pull one shoulder out, and stuff them in my purse," she said.

She was likely used to her model-on-and-off-duty look, which she admitted was just going commando.

"I didn’t wear bras, and I didn’t wear underwear," she explained. "It left a line, and it was uncomfortable to me. I just wore a T-shirt and jeans to work anyways, so I didn’t really need them."

Nearing 80, it seems that bras might become a staple of her fashion looks as onlookers said how "incredible" Hutton looked wearing nearly nothing over her lingerie in the campaign.

"Iconic!!!" one person commented on the brand's Instagram. "I'm sold!" wrote another.

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