Who Is Lauren Hammersley, AKA Charmaine on ‘Virgin River’?

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*Warning: Minor spoilers ahead*

It’s officially time to give our brain a refresh now that Virgin River season five is streaming on Netflix. Since we always enter “detective mode” the moment we recognize an actress on TV, we compiled a list of everything you need to know about Lauren Hammersley, who plays Charmaine on Virgin River. (You’ll thank us later.)

1. Who Is Lauren Hammersley?

Courtesy of Netflix

Lauren Hammersley is a Canadian actress, who’s widely known for playing Charmaine in Netflix’s Virgin River. Although she was raised in Surrey, British Columbia, she currently lives in Toronto.

2. What Is Virgin River?

Courtesy of Netflix

The series centers around Melinda “Mel” Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge), who moves to Virgin River to get a fresh start on life. However, she soon realizes that small town living isn’t quite as simple as she expected.

3. What Happens to Charmaine in Virgin River Season Five?

The fifth season picks up right where the previous installment ends, with Charmaine navigating her relationship with Jack after she revealed that he’s not the father of the twins. Of course, the full mystery is solved in the season five finale when Calvin returns from the dead (literally). Although he was assumed dead after the boat explosion, he approaches Charmaine in a parking lot and explains he’s been in hiding. He also reveals that he’s the father of the twins. Gasp!

4. What Else Has Lauren Hammersley Starred in?

Courtesy of Netflix

Hammersley began her acting career with small guest roles on shows like John Doe, Single White Spenny and Saving Hope. In 2012, she starred as Lisa Mason on Mr. D, where she appeared in multiple seasons. Simultaneously, she played Adele (Felix’s half-sister) in Orphan Black. She also portrayed Connie Boyle in The CW’s Sullivan's Crossing. Other film credits include Remember My Story, Stag, Bloody Mary and Christmas Island.

5. Is She on Social Media?

Of course. Hammersley can be found on both Twitter (@le_hammer) and Instagram (@hammerdoodle), where she has official accounts. While her IG is filled with candid photos, nature shots and inspirational quotes, her tweets are more personal, ranging from what she’s watching to her love for Tim Horton’s.

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