Lauren Chan Reveals the Personal Meaning of Her 2023 SI Swim Rookie Status

Lauren Chan.<p>John Parra/Getty Images</p>
Lauren Chan.

John Parra/Getty Images

Lauren Chan, a 2023 SI Swimsuit rookie and former fashion editor, recently appeared on Canadian talk show, The Good Stuff with Mary Berg. It was there with the TV host and author that Chan discussed her multifaceted career, including her feature in this year’s magazine.

Chan noted that not only did the photoshoot elevate her visibility, it also meant a great deal to her personally, as the opportunity allowed her to be vulnerable in a very public manner.

“On a personal level, before Sports Illustrated, I had been going through a divorce after coming out and realizing that I am gay in my 30s, and so it was really a moment of personal pride, and I got emotional when I saw those images... because I was really looking at this entirely new version of myself that had been a difficult journey to get to,” Chan shared. “And so it was both amazing career-wise, but more so on a personal level.”

Chan, who was named Model of the Year at the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards ceremony earlier this month, posed for an unforgettable photoshoot in the Dominican Republic with James Macari for this year’s SI Swimsuit Issue.

While on location with the team, Chan expressed a similar sentiment about embracing this new chapter of life.

“I’m at a place where I really feel a page is turning for me,” she stated. “I really feel ready to celebrate and I really feel ready to live. And I have done all the hard work and I’m just ready for what’s next.”

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