Launching Jetskis, Surfing Hectic River Wave (Watch)

It must be exhausting being Ben Gravy.

The guy is constantly on the move, hunting down and surfing the weirdest, most unconventional waves on earth. And there’s only so many of these alternative surf spots out there; he’s gotta get creative to feed the novelty wave beast.

Well, fresh off a boat trip to surf calving glacier waves in Alaska, Gravy made an eight-hour drive to Canada, where he found a pretty dang sketchy river wave. Scope it below.

Captioning the video, Ben wrote:

“It's been trippy being back from Alaska. I didn't really notice it while I was out on the boat, but it was a life changing trip. I think it helped a lot with my life perspective. it really made me believe in what I'm doing & realize I can push the dream beyond anything I ever imagined. Today we had an opportunity to drive up to eastern Canada & try some ‘12ft’ rogue waves for the dream. I hope everyone enjoys!”

If there’s one thing about this wave, it’s that it’s one of Gravy’s more dangerous looking adventures. And that’s saying a lot for this guy. People die in rivers all the time, getting pinned down by the flowing water and unable to resurface.

This one is big, “12-foot,” according to the locals.

Maybe a little bit of exaggeration there, but whatever.

And how about those guys launching jetskis off the waves? Pretty intense.

“We did it!” Ben says after the session. “Challenged ourselves, scared ourselves a little bit, wiped out a couple times. Canada twice this year…for the dream.”

Onto the next one.


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