Latest ‘Wednesday’ Teaser Previews Set and Costume Designs

With less than two weeks until Wednesday lands on Netflix, the hype and anticipation surrounding Tim Burton’s Addams Family spinoff continue to thrive. Not long after releasing the official opening sequence online, the showrunners dropped another promotional video for a preview and production insights on the show's set and costume designs.

The titular anti-heroine Wednesday Addams, played by Jenna Ortega, enrolls into Nevermore Academy — an institution that focuses on nurturing those with special abilities. Among its vast student bodies, the main cliques at Nevermore consist of vampires, werewolves, and gorgons with a variety of psychic abilities. Tim Burton spoke, “Part of the fun of the show was to create a school for outsiders. And Nevermore just really fit in the Addams Family world.”

As a historical boarding school that the Addams family members attended for generations, the Nevermore campus emanates a gothic, dark, and mysterious atmosphere. To bring the campus to life, many of its structural and sculptural elements are custom-made, from a bespoke, giant Medusa fireplace, gargoyles along the exterior of the school walls, and Ophelia stature in a pond, to a spooky Tim Burton tree. Production designer, Mark Scruton added “Regardless of the supernatural elements, it was really important to Tim [Burton] that it feels like a grounded high school. And the characters in it needed to feel real.”

One of the highlights of the campus was Wednesday’s dorm room, which is shared with Enid Sinclair, a werewolf girl played by Emma Myers. “There’s this spiderweb window which is divided between Wednesday’s side and Enid’s Side. Wednesday’s is black and white, and Enid’s is like a rainbow vomited,” says showrunner and executive producer Miles Millar.

The school’s uniform comes in a Beetlejuice-esque striped design, coded in a bright purple with black stripes. Taking Wednesday’s color allergy seriously, costume designer Colleen Atwood crafted the protagonist’s school uniform in a gray and black colorway that also separates her from the other students.

Wednesday will be globally available to stream starting November 23 on Netflix. Watch the latest trailer above.

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