The Latest Trend In Charcuterie Boards? Pancakes, of Course (PureWow)

Sometimes called a brunch board, it’s basically what it sounds like: a collection of breakfast meats, carbs and fruit, artfully arranged on a large charcuterie board or cheese plate. Pancakes seem to be the most popular choice, likely because they’re easy to make mini, and you don’t need any special equipment. In fact, making your own pancake charcuterie board is delightfully easy if you know how to flip a flapjack and fry up some bacon.

To make a version like the one above, which comes courtesy of food blog The BakerMama, simply whip up some pancakes and breakfast meat, and scatter them on a clean cutting board along with your selection of desired toppings (like fruit, Nutella and chocolate chips). The only nonnegotiable? Maple syrup—and pancakes, obvi.

For the complete how-to, including an easy recipe for buttermilk pancakes, head to The BakerMama. Happy brunching, y’all.

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