Starbucks customers divided over ‘gross’ new secret menu item: ‘You’re joking right?’

It’s official: There’s now a “nature’s cereal” Starbucks drink.

Over the past year, TikTokers have gone viral time and time again for sharing their favorite “secret menu” items. Users have shared tricks for ordering off-menu drinks like a Shamrock Shake-themed tea, a Kinder Bueno-flavored mocha and even a Pokémon-themed frappuccino.

The latest order to go from TikTok fame to real-life order? The “nature’s cereal” drink.

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Like feta pasta and whipped coffee before it, nature’s cereal is TikTok’s current food of the moment. The breakfast bowl, created by the account @natures_food, features fresh fruit swimming in a bowl of coconut water.

Many TikTok users — including Lizzo — have sung the meal’s praises, but others have said they find it pretty gross (it is basically just wet fruit, after all).

That’s why, as you might expect, the nature’s cereal Starbucks drink met a similar reception. The concept comes courtesy of user Maritza Regalado, who shared her order in a recent clip.

“This should be a drink,” Regalado captioned the video.

To create her order, the Regalado asked for an iced coconut water with berries. She did not, however, specify how much the drink cost her.

Shortly after, TikTok users poured into Regalado’s comments section with their thoughts. Some called the idea “gross” or unnecessary.

“You’re joking, right?” one user asked.

“How about no,” another added.

“Was it good?” another asked.

Others seemed slightly more curious, suggesting they might try the drink themselves. As with any viral TikTok food item, there’s never a shortage of opinions when it comes to Starbucks drinks.

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