The Latest in Garage Organization Trends

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“Garages are no longer a place just to store cars and tools; instead, they have become a hub of productivity, creativity, and even a source of income for some homeowners,” said Eric Bernstein, President, General Manager of CRAFTSMAN at Stanley Black & Decker. And it's true – while the garage is often the most cluttered and disorganized space in our home, CRAFTSMAN's Garage Works survey shows that homeowners are ready to cut the clutter and make better use of the extra space in their home garage. “We are inspired by the various ways homeowners are transforming their garages, and we are committed to providing them with innovative solutions that bring pride and functionality to this versatile space.”

A Look at the Stats

  • Decluttering is a constant in life. 78% of homeowners are planning to declutter and organize their garages this year, while 50% note specific plans to invest in garage organization solutions and create ample storage space

  • The garage is a creative space. 76% of homeowners use their garage as a vehicle parking space, but 70% note aspirations of using their garage for creative pursuits. 28% even noted that their garage has already been put to use developing and growing a new side hustle.

  • Many homeowners leverage the real estate as a home gym. More than 2 in 5 homeowners have transformed their garage space into a dedicated home gym. (And those who don't work out in their garage say they can't because the floor space is too cluttered.)

  • Homeowners are embracing smart technology in the garage. 86% of homeowners surveyed are interested in integrating smart tech where possible—to do so, they'll invest in Wi-Fi-compatible garage door openers, wireless keypads, motion-activated smart lights, security cameras, and more.



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Garage Storage Ideas That Will Transform Your Home

Homeowners planning to revamp their entire garage have their eye on organizational products. The survey reports that 54% are planning to invest in storage bins and containers, while 51% are drawn to wall-mounted systems like wall storage cabinets, and portable storage solutions.

To jumpstart your own upgrades, here are a few products we hand-selected that can be used to transform your space—whether you're creating a dedicated garage workspace, need extra storage for automotive tools and products, are designing a home gym, or are looking to optimize vertical space.

  • S2000 Metal Storage Units: These mobile workstations are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations so you can max out your storage capacity. Their design is a garage staple for good reason, and you'll find that finding a spot for every miscellaneous item you own will become the ultimate organizational project.

  • V-SERIES 41 in. Wide 11-Drawer Rolling Tool Cabinet: Great for gardening tools, automotive tools, household tools, miscellaneous items, and even things like art supplies and cleaning supplies.

  • VERSATRACK™ Starter Kit (20 pc): Save valuable garage floor space and make the most of your garage wall studs. This system makes it easier to organize garden tools like leaf blowers, outdoor gear, recreational equipment and sports gear, extension cords, and offers convenient access to everyday tools.

  • TRADESTACK™ Rolling Tower: A dust- and water-resistant way to keep your seasonal items, power tools, and other bulky items organized. Plus, it's on wheels, making it easy to relocate heavier items as needed.

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