Latest ‘Game of Thrones’ Episode Reveals There’s a Starbucks in Winterfell

Somehow, a disposable coffee cup found its way into last night’s episode of Game of Thrones. In Winterfell’s main hall, Tormund sloppily toasts Jon as Daenerys watches nervously in the background, concerned that her lover-slash-nephew could challenge her for the Iron Throne. It’s a stressful time for the Khaleesi, and apparently, she prefers to calm her nerves with lattés instead of wine.

Yes, instead of a metal chalice — maybe something bejeweled, she is the Queen after all — the Mother of Dragons had what looked suspiciously like a Starbucks coffee cup sitting in front of her at a banquet celebrating the victory of the living in the Battle of Winterfell. It’s a big, obvious goof that made it into one of the most widely and closely watched shows in television history. Yikes.

After last week’s exhausting, gruesome battle, this week’s episode offered a more measured tone: palace intrigue punctuated by a couple of heartbreaking deaths. The coffee cup gaffe was a rare moment of levity for the show, and fans on Twitter were quick to react with jokes that roasted (sorry, we had to do it) the producers who somehow didn’t notice it.

The chain’s well-known practice of labeling cups for its customers was the basis for more than one jab.

The coffee chain itself was also mocked, however inadvertent its involvement in the gaffe was.

Other viewers pointed out that this isn’t even the first time a modern cup has made it onto the show.

Filming Thrones must be an exhausting endeavor, so a steady supply of caffeine is a must. Still, how the cup made it into the episode, past an untold number of eyes, is baffling. With only two episodes left, all fans can hope for is that this is the biggest mistake the producers make.

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