We've Got You Covered: Last-Minute Beach Rentals for Labor Day

For many people, Labor Day means a final three-day weekend for one last summer hurrah, and there’s no better way to enjoy some sun and fun than at the beach. Yahoo Travel has compiled the top 10 most-searched U.S. beach destinations of its readers in recent days with some listed vacation rentals for this weekend for each.

Given these beaches’ popularity, you’ll likely find a good party or barbeque already in progress when you get there, but just to make sure, bring along your own band of family and friends and create your own celebration. The best group lodging choice is usually a rental property (rather than a typical hotel or motel) to better be able split costs between more people, you can make yourself at home in the space, and use it as your base of operations for the weekend. Just don’t forget about your sunscreen (or the security deposit).